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Originally Posted by Punk_rider View Post
No Z28 = no camaro for me.

Just like others i'm a little disapointed ... maybe thinking about a GT500 ...

Even if there is a Z28 ... when? I won't be waiting 2 more years to have this car ... All the process is soooo long. The camaro should have been out 1 year ago, then we would have the Z28 by the end of the year ...

Mustang was first and got the money ... maybe it's too late now ...
Sure go for the GT500. After all it gets way worse gas mileage. And just cause you're in France doesn't mean gas is any cheaper over there. On Star, near 50/50 weight distribution, and plus it weigh more, that's got help the gas mileage.
As for me I'm stayin true to my word, it's still a Camaro in my garage. I'm not tryin to impress anybody with the car, it's impressive all by it's self.

See you on the road in early 2009!
Drive save & fast!
And if you're along for the ride...
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