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In the official GM statement about the SS Model Constraint (, GM is telling the dealers to prioritize SS orders ahead of other orders. I'm sure this is for a variety of reasons including balancing out dealer orders, model type production, etc. But, it's still confusing and unfair to the customer.

I should be able to place an order for a vehicle, get a number, and wait my turn for delivery, of course accounting for any production delays, labor strikes, bankruptcies, etc. If models or engine types are to be rationed, then sell them separately, each with its own allocation system. This may be an oversimplification of a complex system, but it is in line with the "customer's first" policy GM claims to be striving towards.

The current system is dealers first. Add on the uninformed or unethical dealer factor (definitely not labeling all dealers...I like mine so far), and the system fails.

In my case, we'll see. I was sold on the fact that my 2SS order would take "10-12 week" and that the dealer had allocations. So far, the dealer has been great. I'll wait the 10-12 weeks, plus a few extra factoring in slowed production. If the car doesn't arrive, I'll cancel the order and walk away. It's a beautiful car that I won't have ruined by an ugly purchase experience.

"• If dealer has SOLD orders for Camaro SS (V8) models “on hand” (Event 1100), these orders should be assigned the highest priority. This can be accomplished by changing the priority number of the highest desired order to “1″, and start sequentially assigning priority numbers from that point.
• If dealer has only STOCK Camaro orders “on hand”, dealer should still prioritize their Camaro SS models ahead of Camaro LS, LT models orders. This can be accomplished by following the above directions."
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