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Originally Posted by GothamCamaro View Post
I am stunned that some are upset over the badges? Are you kidding me?? and to boot they are going to get a Mustang cuz of it??


Anyway, i'm just reading what ever is posted as my work firewall won't let me see any video. ERRR.

So I'll have to wait till I get home to view anything.
The MPG sound good to me considering the weight, not sure why people are bent out of shape over that.

A lot of standard options added, love that. So far, i'm good, just scared about pricing... can't wait to hear that.

Also, NO Z28 was going to be mentioned, I understand new people asking but there are some members that have been here a while and I'm surprised they are mad on not hearing any info on the Z28s.

The Imperial Blue looks purple! But my computer screen at work bites, is the Imperal Blue like a Midnight blue? Anyone?
True, true! I can't believe some would go to a Mustang because of letters and fuel economy. Everything released so far sounds very, very good. And yeah, let's hope the pricing is very, very good too.

About the imperial blue, it didn't seem purple to me until you mentioned that. But to me, it's still the best blue they've got, and that's the color I want. For blue, I think it looks great! Not to mention it's obviously photoshopped. I'm sure the actual color will look good, maybe something like a lighter and bluer version of the old Navy Blue metallic.
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