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Originally Posted by bigd1276 View Post
OK, is it just me??? Why does there seem to be so much color difference between DDustiNN's ABM and a 6pk2gp's?? This color drives me crazy. I like the more bluish look of DDustiNN's. I need to see this color Camaro up close and personal.
It's all about the lighting and the camera. This color always looks different from every angle and every lighting situation... it's crazy. His is more of a cloudy/overcast setting. Mine was directly in the sun, and then also a little bit off (look at the shadows). Then the night shot was taken with a flash. You really have to see this color in person... nearly every single person that sees it, the first thing out of their mouth is something about how incredible the color is. Even the guys at the body shop (who had my car for over two months) said the same thing... Every time a customer saw it, they would comment about the color. I love this color all the time, but I do think it is the absolute best in direct sunlight... And a camera doesn't even capture just how gorgeous it is. Enjoy!
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