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Originally Posted by Croathlete View Post
I don't care what happens immediately. I care about how it will perform in the long run. I want to see how performance changes after the ECU has adjusted over time. One unit may perform better than another 5 minutes into testing, but after 100 miles you may have a completely different story. I don't know about you, but I prefer the latter.

Ted, thanks for doing this. I hope most of the vendors participate. Being as detailed as you are, I'm sure you'll be documenting the entire testing process and trying your best to keep all conditions the same for all tests.
Then put away your pitchforks! He's offering a testing service that no other place is willing to do. It's a fair comparison.

Or... would you prefer he drives over 1,000 miles (100+ for each CAI)?

Sometimes the silliness of this board gets to me.
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