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Ok, so I was contemplating buying a painted engine cover (RED) from GM, or Doing it myself.. If I bought one. It would cost $380, and WASTE a perfectly good engine cover. Plus, the GM engine cover is really bland looking. So I collected up some info on C5 and decided to do it myself.. So if your wondering about buying one or DIY... and you think this came out ok... go for it.. PAINT.

remove the heat shield from the bottom
Cleaned / Degreased
sanded (NOT chevrolet letters)
CLeaned / Degreased
masked (4 hours - I'm extremely anal)
800 grit Sand
Cleaned / Degreased
Base coat (high heat 500* Duplicolor)
Wiped off "Chevrolet" letters with wet paint thinner LINT FREE towel
Cleaned lettering with wax / degrease remover. (see pic)
Dry (24 hours)
Clean / Degrease
WET sand (1500 Grit)
Clear Coat (high heat 500* - This clear does NOT make it Glossy)
Cleaned / Degreased

WARNING - If you're looking for a Glossy finish, don't use this paint or clear.
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