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Originally Posted by Tran View Post
Those of you familiar with National Geographic's "Ultimate Factories" series will be ecstatic to hear that the Camaro will be featured in its very own installment of the series on October 15th @ 8pm ET on the National Geographic channel. And for those of you not yet familiar, you're in for a treat!

The Ultimate Factories series features segments on the manufacturing process of various industries, such as autos (Corvette, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, fire trucks), military equipment (Apache helicopter, M-1 Tank), and other industries such as IKEA and Caterpillar. The programs not only cover the manufacturing process from beginning to end, but also often features insight into the history and passionate following associated with the products.

The segment on the Camaro began filming at GM's Oshawa Plant beginning late July. And although we've previously been given some looks into the production process of the 2010 Camaro, the program is sure to provide a much more cohesive story and looks into the entire Camaro production process. So, make sure to mark the date and time down on your calendars (or set your DVRs) and tune into what surely will be a fascinating look into the history and birth process of your Camaros!

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Love that NatGeo!
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