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Originally Posted by Windy City View Post
I am buying some LPE recommended rear tires and wheel just for the track.
I like the factory wheels and wouldn't change em for the world.
Tires are consumables, once burned up I'll replace em with whatever seems to be latest and greatest at the time.
Sent Kevin final payment via priority mail yesterday. Now all I have to do is wait till the car arrives. It's gunna be a busy week for me next week as the wedding is next Sunday.
WOW! that soon for the wedding? Hopefully the Camaro arrives before hand! Gonna make a real awesome wedding present!

I agree the tires are consumables. I want to install the complete suspension before I figure out what I am going to do for street tires.

I want a set of drag tires for the rear.. are you using 20" for the rears or are you going with 18" to get a good set of drag slicks? What did LPE recommend for the rim/tire combo? What size tires for you?
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