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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post

5th Gen
To learn about the fifth-gen Camaro we had to swear to secrecy, meaning that we would not reveal our contacts inside GM. Although the info we were given was not very specific, we are able to pass on some interesting 5th-gen information. What our sources inside GM did reveal was that the engine options for the '09 Camaro include two V6's and a few V8's. CHP
"A few V8s" huh? that kindof worries me a little. That means that the L98 that they are using in the G8 is most likely in the works as an entry level V8 option, which means we will probably not be able to get into an LS3 for under $35k...

That is really going to put a hurt on the pocketbook. If that is the case, then i may not be getting a 5th gen for a few years until I can save up the price difference.... guess we will have to wait and see.
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