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Video: Fastest L99 Camaro (so far)

Here is a video of the Dexter Racing L99 Camaro...

We had some issues with the smaller wheel/tire DR setup in conjunction with the Auto tranny. We were running it with the stabilitrac/TC "on" because it had produced the best times of the night on the stock wheel/tires, however the ECM didn't like the smaller rims and cut power and threw the service stabilitrac light around the 1000ft mark (where my brake lights come on in the video).

So far this is the quickest And fastest L99 camaro to date...11.7 @ 123 mph

I know it will go quicker and faster as it sets but until I get back to the track, this is what I have documentation for.

Here is an idle clip with no video...

2002 Camaro SS. 408 LS2. 500+RWHP/480RWTQ. Full UMI RR suspension. Koni/Strano. 295F/315R. 3500#(55/45)
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