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Originally Posted by Beyond Limits View Post
They have already identified their key competitors as the Challenger, Mustang, and 350Z which means they absolutely have to price the Camaro within that market segment (granted they can claim a premium over their market segment but anything more than $1K or $2K will result in rejection by the market). You cannot claim that your market segment competitor is a 350Z and then price it in line with a G37 and expect to sell vehicles. So as long as you are comfortable with the pricing of a chally or a stang you should have nothing to worry about in terms of pricing on the Camaro.

Remember, Chevy needs this car to be a success as much as they want it to be a success. They are not going to sabotage their potential market share by pricing themselves out of the market.
Indeed you are right. They will leave the ass raping for us Canadians. Probably a solid 10-20% over USD. Like every other manufacturer out there, with every other vehicle.
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