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My first hot rod was a '67 Camaro Z/28. It was original except the engine. The engine was bad when my friend got that car.. rod through the side. He worked at an engine rebuilding shop and built a 350 smallblock - dual 4 barrels, 12.5 to 1 compression, real nasty cam. We had a lot of fun with that car together.

I wound up trading my 2 year old '85 mustang in an even swap for that car. I had the '67 for about 10 years. It was always in good shape. I needed money, so I sold it.
I have had at least 15 corvette's since.. but they never replaced what I liked in the Camaro.

I built this one up to be a 'new gen' replacement for the '67 that got away. I doubt that I will ever finish it.. I will keep improving it until I am happy with the outcome. It will need to go back to Lingy for the 650 at some time in the future. I want to finish the rest first.. Suspension, tires, bulletproof drivetrain, and nice body modifications still remain on my 'to do' list. This is on top of a long list of stuff I have already done. I still need to lighten the car a lot as well.

I havn't driven one yet.. Hopefully I will be happy with it. I am sure that it will meet some of my goals. I will have to modify until it meets the others.
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