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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
First of all - a.k.a. means "also known as". I hope to God Camaro isn't going to be known as Mustang.... I think the only way Mustang will make it's way into the Camaro name is with killer after it.

Second - I don't think SS (assuming this is Top Dog) will be the equivalant of a GT500. That may have to be a limited Production Camaro model, in order to compete. My belief is that 'SS' is going to be an apperance/perfomance package again. Not a-whole-nother trim level. Chevrolet says they are going to take it easy with the SS this and SS that. If they weren't careful we may have ended up with an Uplander SS. So to make a Camaro SS when Z28 already has dibbs would be kind of pointless IMO.

And as far as I have heard: The L98 is supposed to be the foundation of the LS3 (IMO the high-end Camaro V8)- keep in mind the L98 is still a truck engine so.............

Just a point of clarification.

Actually, I believe the L98 is a slightly modified version of the L76... both of which have been used exclusively in the Holdens (until the G8 makes its debut, and until the L76's production on the GM trucks). I think the L98 is actually on its way out and is being replaced with the L76 which has a slightly higher displacement, but, ironically, makes slightly less power. - although power is being ramped up for the G8 just slightly to match the L98's power.

I believe the L92 (the 6.2L LS3 based block used in the Cadillac's) is the one you were referring to...
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