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Originally Posted by GM4lyfe View Post
I take info from Mags with a grain of salt but they are saying the SS does not handle very well.
Depends on what you are talking about by handling.... Are you talking about just cruising the streets or are you talking about pushing it through a apex at a furious pace?
If your talking about the track, Its nothing that a little suspension work cant cure!

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Now you are on my turf. When we are done Pedderising your car you'll be able to hit apexes with a 2010 Camaro that feels 1,000 pounds lighter. The car will track and turn-in at levels that will radically alter your opinion. The difference in perspective is that I have already driven a dialed in 5th Gen. We have to get you into a fully Pedderised 5th Gen.

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