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A good brake system reduces stopping distance as well as brake fade.

Look at the ZR1, it doesn't stop from 60-0MPH in 96ft by magic. The 15.5" Carbon ceramic rotors and 8 piston Brembo calipers are the reason for that.

However, the calipers are only as good as the brake system. You can install Brembos on any car, but if the rest of the braking system sucks, its pointless. The Nissan 350Z Nismo and Hyundai Genesis are good examples of this. Both have Brembo calipers, but neither offers exceptional brake performance. In a Car & Driver braking test, the 350Z Nismo had such bad fade after a couple stops that the pedal sank to the floor and stayed there. The Hyundai Genesis gets outperformed by a V6 Camaro with single piston calipers. Brembos are nothing more than advertising if the rest of the braking system isn't up to par with the calipers.
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