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Originally Posted by 2010-1SS-IBM View Post
You don't have to worry, at that price they definately won't sell the model in volume regardless of whether they plan it that way or not.
I'm not worrying...and that's the point I attempted to make...selling in volume is not a priority for this car. So why kill themselves to try and price it like it is?

Originally Posted by 2010-1SS-IBM View Post
If you think people spend ~$50k without looking at every car out there, you are insane.'s a good thing I'm not in a nut-hospital then, cause they'd kick me out.

I KNOW people look at every car in the price-range...but half of the cars you listed were OUT of the price-range...and no car (besides the GT500) offers the same combination of features the Z28 does. So while a consumer may look at a bunch of similarly-priced cars just to see what's out there...they may only be in the market for a certain type. (ie. perhaps they want back seats...well, that strikes the Corvette and 370z right off the get-go)
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