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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I'm not worrying...and that's the point I attempted to make...selling in volume is not a priority for this car. So why kill themselves to try and price it like it is?
I know you didn't pick this up in my first post, but I don't believe you when you say GM is planning a limited production run of the Z28. It doesn't make sense, economically. They'd lose money, and there's no need to pump up recognition of Camaro's as they already have a waiting list 6 months long. Plus the convertible would do a better job of that than a Z28 since they can make money off convertibles.

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I KNOW people look at every car in the price-range...but half of the cars you listed were OUT of the price-range...and no car (besides the GT500) offers the same combination of features the Z28 does. So while a consumer may look at a bunch of similarly-priced cars just to see what's out there...they may only be in the market for a certain type. (ie. perhaps they want back seats...well, that strikes the Corvette and 370z right off the get-go)
No, they are not out of the price range. If you can swing $50k for a muscle car, you can swing $60k for a wider variety of cars. Put it this way, a $50k Z28 fully financed would be ~$1000/month. The CTS-V would be ~$1,160/month and has the exact same engine and many more features. Everybody would consider that.

Add on top of that, they are both GM cars. How does GM win if a prospective CTS-V buyer purchased a Camaro instead? They lose $8k-$12k in revenue. And that's the good version. The bad version is the buyer figures out he can have a C63 AMG instead of either of those, and GM doesn't get a sale at all. Now GM's new Camaro has people thinking about muscle, but it's price has them thinking about luxury too. Bad news for GM.

Put it this way, a lot of people will buy muscle cars for $35k. Go much beyond that though and they not only expect more, whatever they expect is readily available from other car manufacturers as well as GM.
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