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Please put XXX engine in Z28

I just looked, and noticed there wasn't a poll for an engine for Z28 yet, so I thought it'd be nice to see what many of you thought, and how the community, on the whole, felt. This poll is not about arguing why, per se, GM should install XXX engine, more of what you guys would like to see in it, for whatever reasons. I'd encourage a brief description since this topic's been beat-up pretty good in related posts. I just figured it'd be easier to see in a dedicated topic. It's my understanding LS7 is going away, however, in light of Mr. Al Oppenheiser's statements regarding Z28 a few months ago, and knowing the support of many it has here, I added it. Also, with the annoucement of a possible FI'd high-performance V6 being considered, I included that too.

Let's assume Z28 will be the last high-performance model to the line-up (but not necessarily the last performance option, like adding a Track Pack package as an option, or something along those lines). Let's consider Z28 the "Top Dog" Camaro. Let's also assume that we're going to keep Z28 within the price range of the Ford Mustang GT500. I don't want to say that it will be a direct competitor, because I know many friends here are looking for a traditional Z28 that can turn, so I just want it to match the 500 in price.

There's no privacy in this poll, so your selection will be public. If you guys prefer to not have your choices public, let me know and I'll change it.

LS9 - Carryover from ZR1; not as much power, but more than LSA
LSA - Carryover from CTS-V
LS9/LSA Hybrid - An LSA with LS9 pistons; maybe LS9 cam; LS9 supercharger; etc.
Gen V - Largely unknown; probably at least 450 horse'; Direct Injection 6.2L
SC'd/TC'd V6 - Think LLT twin turbo, for example
LS7 - Carryover from Z06; around 500 horse'

What do you think?
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