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D@mnit! Let me breathe I'll be more specific...

Updated poll...

I'm in for a hybrid. I agree that forged pistons should be acceptable for Z28 because I don't think many are going to complain if there's a little more noise on cold start-up. I'd like the confidence of knowing there are forged slugs in the engine so I can crank up the power a little more. I don't think it'd hurt to upgrade the rod bolts and if there are some through GMPP, I can't see that there'd be too great an expense for that change. Finally, throw on the 2300 from the 'Vette. Though it looks like the LSA Intercooler/Supercharger assembly will fit fine under the hood, it looks like LS9 will too. It'd be nice to have a little more headroom, power-wise too. I think it'd help position the power level to more between LSA and LS9, which I think would be nice too. It sounds like the GT500 is going to be upgrading in the next couple years, and we know the weight of Z28 wouldn't get much better if GM goes with an SC'd engine, so maybe getting closer to 600 FWHP would insure it stays ahead of the 500. However, if it adds to cost, considerably, just leave the LSA as-is, with the 1900.
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