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ECU Flash Counter?

It was discussed that people were checking into the ECU to see if there was a way for GM to see how many times the ECU was flashed. Has the counter being present or absent ever been confirmed? I would love a tune but am concerned about the CV joints in the rear. (As they have been failing on stock cars.)

BTW A good friend runs the service department for a GMC dealer. Here is what he emailed me.

"I just wanted to give you a heads up. I just saw an email today about some of the GMC Duramax trucks that we're supposed to start taking pictures of ECU settings before removing anything powertrain related. If they see a tune they're dropping powertrain warranties. I told my tech about it and he said he's seen this popping up on some other vehicles. I didn't see one on the Camaros but I'm sure if they're targeting tuned vehicles they'll be out there once more are on the market. This isn't something our reps are letting us ignore. They will reject our entire warranty claim without having proof it's not tampered with. They're asking for Calibration ID from the Vehicle Information/Programming history screen and from the Transmission Data screen containing the Max Transmission Calc Engine Torque parameter. So if these are bumped up per a tune no dealer is going to want to touch it because they're not going to get paid. I don't think you're exhaust or intake will show on these settings but I'd stay away from tuning it."

Looks like GM is informing more dealers about flashing the ECU. (I know this has been discussed but thought you guys would find it interesting as it came from a third party who has no ties to Camaros or this forum.)
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