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Talking My take on the Z28...

Although I never post, I've been frequenting this site for years. Since about the time I bought my 1st camaro in 2004. I love to read all the post from people who share the same love for this vehicle that I do. Recently its been hard to navigate the 5th gen forum because of the recent announcement of the Z28. I was slightly disappointed to hear that there would not be a Z28 also. I always had planned to replace my current Z28 with another Z28. But guys all this crying has to stop. Before the flame wars start, I do understand the importance of the Z28. I own a Z28 currently. But people are actin as if the Camaro isn't coming. When Chevrolet set out to remake the Camaro, they wanted to make a successful car that also pleased enthusiasts of the brand name. With today's economy, there is no room for a Z28 model. The SS only gets 23mpg highway, imagine what a Z28 would get. (I expect about 25 - 28 for the SS. Don't trust everything the EPA makes car companies say). Also, a Z28 doesn't make good business sense. Why would the average joe buy a Z28 when he could buy a Corvett for the same price or a little more with better gas mileage. The name of the game nowadays in MPG. Enthusiasts will be what they like regardless of how far they can drive on a gallon of gas. But for this car to be successful, u have to attract more than just Camaro fans. And the SS is by no means underpowered. With a few mods this car could easily top 600 horses. Who drives their car stock anymore anyway? Everyone on this forum who complains about the Z28 not being made acts as if they are unable to modify their car. To wrap this up, for EVERYONE who is disappointed that there is no Z28, DON'T BUY THE CAR!!!! Chevrolet is not forcing anyone to buy this car. For all you guys who can't seem to live without Z28, you can: a. Buy an SS and be happy. (its still a beautiful car, admit it).
b. Buy a different car. Dodge has the Challenger. ( a car that still to me doesn't look like they finished designing it. Check a side view.) And Ford has the Mustang. (if u would would buy a mustang because of the Z28 not being made you are seriously derranged and should seek professional help immediately)
or c: WAIT!!!! ( the ZR1 didn't come out the same year as the remodeled vette. After all the happy people like me buy up the SS models, the Camaro will again be successful and the may make a Z28)
I hope this post wasn't too boring. sorry if it was. And please excuse any typos. Im typing this post and any replies to this post on my phone.
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