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Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
A few of you have either not been reading all the Z28 threads or just didn't get them.
Not sure who this statement was directed to but I've read them all and understood them all. Independant of what the actual (unkown to us)situation is, that was my 2 cents. I know Scott said the Z/28 is still on track, but I don't think it's coming in the 500+ hp form most of us suspect, and if it is that isn't the way I'd do it if the decision were up to me. Give the enthusiast/road racers what they want w/o impedin too deep into Vette territory. From what I read on the net there are cross section of people who would be happier w/ just a driver's seat, a steering wheel and SS power as long as the weight is cut by about 15-300 pounds Replace the back seats with a carpeted panel, replace the fronts w/ light weight racing seats and get rid of some safety devices and call it a niche vehicle like the Vette. Sell it for the same as an SS and the lowered production costs add to GM's pot and the racers are happy. Don't know how feasible that plan is, but if it's possible then it seems like a good route to go for me.
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