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Originally Posted by gladiatoro View Post
we all know the Maro will cost much more than the Stang exactly how much we will find out soon , now as to the weight issue ,imagine driving a Maro with 2 extra passangers in there each weighing 200 pounds , That is the HANDICAP the Maro has to deal with vs the Stang. Not just for acceleration but also for cornering and braking a lot of people don't realize that extra weight affects you in a lot of different ways performance wise...
Doesn't anybody remember the concept Mustang? Ford's goin to redo the Mustang to match there previous concept cause Chevy's is very close to what they promised and their horse power will jump up to about the 400 make by 2010 to match the Camaro's. So as for price, weight, & option I beleave it be close come 2010 Mustang vs Camaro specs.

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