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Well today I finally managed to install my MRT v2 exhaust. I cut the driver's side off first and had a hard time getting the new exhaust to fit over the old one but I eventually just used a hammer to bend the new one a little to fit over the old one. And luckily it aligned perfect so we didn't need to do much there. Now the passenger side one was the complete opposite. It was easy to fit over but wIhad the hardest time aligning it. I finally decided to just tighten the clamp and then worry about aligning the tip but luckily once I tightened it the alignment was perfect. All I can say is thank god for no more of those ugly trashcans hanging down. They really were huge and heavy no idea what GM was thinking putting those things on. Managed to lose about 30lbs. I did end up cutting off the tips of the old stock mufflers to use as pencil holders but not sure what I am going to do with the rest. Maybe I would be able to sell it to a scrap yard or something who knows. Here are a couple of pictures. I also upload a video of the cold start a day or two after installing the MRT v2.

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