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UCI CamaroFan
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Buy a Brand New 69 Yenko or COPO Camaro

There is a company that has tracked down all the moldings and things to remake 69 Camaros. Also, they have permission from GM to make new cars for people. This makes me excited, as I plan to buy one within the next 10 years or so =)

It beats a restoration! It is a BRAND NEW 69 camaro! It would be so exciting to drive one of those beauties. What do you all think? Here is the link:


Edit: here is the link for the Yenko Camaro (above is COPO)

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Be cautious of that company. I've dealt with them before.
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Originally Posted by heinzd01 View Post
Be cautious of that company. I've dealt with them before.
Do tell.
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very costly and 8 - 9 months to build. Nice car, but damn.
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Truth Enforcer
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you can buy a 69 shell from year one for like 12k and have it titled and vin'd

139k is about rediculous
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69 rs/ss
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I'll Sell my 69 rs/ss for 139,000. Wow, wonder how many they will sell.
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Jayhawk USN
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I'd rather have a ZR1 for that price. This is ridiculous, if not a scam.
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Joe in T.O.
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Dynacorn Industries is the actual company that makes the new "old" shell (coupe or convertible) as well as 67 Camaro and mid fifties GM pickup and 67,69 Mustang
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Account Suspended
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139k for an unoriginal 69 camaro? ehhh... i think restoring one or even buying one would be cheaper. and more fun.
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Unless you have to have one and you have money to burn does not sound as good as an investment in buying a new SS and storing it in conservation mode.
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Newbie here. Never had a COPO but drove a Yenko years ago. Never forgot it. Currently own an 08 Z06 but now thinking about a COPO/Yenko. A friend with a Ford GT put me on to a shop IN SE WI that is doing YENKO/COPO restorations and knock-offs. JMO of course, but the cars look and sound great, real eye candy. For 62K, I can own a knockoff. The sounds of an L72 is still sweet to my ears.
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Old 10-12-2009, 05:22 PM   #13
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These 'continuations' are nice, but the price limits them to people with unneeded cash. A small group indeed. Personally, I am not interested in these continuations or their restored/unrestored original brethren. You pay a premium and can do nothing with them. Alter them in any way and you devalue them. A restomod is the way to go. Change it in any way you want whenever you want. You can always tinker with them. It takes very little effort today to greatly exceed the performance of a Yenko, COPO, Z28, etc. This can be accomplished for far less money than the cost of a Yenko, COPO, Z28, etc. I am all for the Dynacorn bodies. They're available from several outlets.
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Thought Foose already has 69's in production..started like a year or two ago..not cheap ~125 from what i remember
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