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Old 04-23-2007, 09:17 AM   #18
Al Robinson
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Has anyone forgotten that this is a GM car and that they have On-star? I think they have a pretty good success rate with system which has a GPS tracker in it. The most stollen vehicle is the Cadillac escalade. I wonder what the recovery rate is for these vehicles.
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From a Police point of view, on star sucks. We get calls from on star all the time because someone pressed the panic button or the vehicle thought it got into an accident. Supposedly, the on star folks are to call the vehicle back, but some of these people don't answer...I don't know how that works. On star calls us and says "Make this location for a panic/accident (whatever the sit. might be) button on an 06 Bla Bla car." Never found one.

Lojack is cool, but you have to pay ur dues and keep it updated. Some of our police cars are fitted w/ lojack. As soon as the lojack is activated, it's supposed to send a signal to our patrol vehicle. The only problem, majority of the time that lojack is turned on, that vehicle is long gone already. Now, the company can track the vehicle....across the country which is reallllly cool. I've seen that happen before on a TA. Lojack is one of the best ideas if you really want to get your car back asap.
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Unless you travel out of town frequently, plan to use your phone through it or use the services to find restaurants, etc, I find Onstar to be a waste of $$. I only used it to show friends how it worked
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I live in a different world in North Dakota, half the time I leave my windows down and the car unlocked. Occasionally cars get broken into but that is a sunfire with a loud system or something along those lines in order to get stereo equipment. I don't think that I have heard of many straight up car thefts.
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