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Originally Posted by 10SSDCR View Post
I had a kit on order and Tom refunded my money in full. But I am only speaking for my self. I would be pissed to if someone pulled a bait and switch on me.

Did you get that recently refunded?
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Originally Posted by JTinFLrapedme!! View Post
Did you get that recently refunded?
Yes Tom sent a certified money order fedex friday 10/29. Received following tuesday and money was good. Tom had called and said that they would not be able to produce the kit and issued the refund. JT sound to be in the wind.
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Originally Posted by FrankT View Post
All we have been asking is that Tom respond to some questions/ issues with the quality of work and the parts used in the kits that were installed on our CAMAROS. Then, we get a group of guys that start posting on here about their Nissans. Last time I looked this was the Camaro5 forum. I don't care in the least about how JT scammed you, your veiled threats against him, etc. Go post this on another forum that pertains to YOUR cars. Mods, please close this and get these clowns off the forum. I don't see that they are here to offer ANYTHING constructive, just to stir up trouble and cry to us about how their broken Nissan's don't run.

Stop being such a tool and trying to make this a Nissan vs camaro talk which is just peanut talk you started(and i hope the mods here see that).... in case you didn't know, or i should say, in case you didn't bother to look the thread on the other forum(which BTW is owned by the same company, IB) we are actually trying to help YOU out.
Your poor attitude is very unhelpful even to you, and i hope it does not represent the views of this community.

IN any case, i don't have reason to not believe that coachk was in that same room with you, but we know for a fact now that coachk had a hearth attack, and while we agree that playing ignorance is not a valid defense, just because we know tom for a while we are not "jumping the gun" on him. You yourself are not sure about what turbo you have, but i can tell you from what apt, turbo store, and another major Garrett dealer that has been dealing with 1000s of off the shelf Garrett turbos they always have the label, so we are trying to help you conclude that you definitely have a fake turbo...nobody is tyring to hide or screw you up or anything. WE have helped other comunities and other memeber from different leech shops that have screwed customers out, and thats all we doing here.

We are trying to make clear and bring awareness to this community of what we know JT has done it in the past, what he is doing presently and to get some justice. Carry things with a bit of patience as the profesional you are, I agree you should speak with Tom to sort things out, specially since you say you did talk to him face to face, but since he had the hearth attack just hold on. What JT has done is already verifiable on both of this forums...the guy is done.
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This thread is done.
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