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BMR Suspension

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Originally Posted by dms View Post
Since you asked, I will tell. Livornia installed a Pedders Street 1 kit and your trailing arm and toe link arm. The owner posted that the Pedders bushings were noisy. So Livornia picked up his Camaro, and drove it to PRI and delivered the vehicle to us. We confirmed a rather loud squeek in the back end. What we found was your trailing arm making a very serious amount of noise. The fix was to reinstall the owners OE trailing arm and install them with inner and outer Pedders bushings. It was most unfortunate that Pedders got blamed for noises your parts caused. The outer bushing was NOT replaced.

We have a dealer in Ca. that ordered your trailing arm and it did not come with a knuckle bushing. This unit also made a lot of noise and the fix was to remove the BMR arm, and reinstall the OE trailing arm with Pedders bushings front and rear.

We have 4 events like this dealing specifically with BMR trailing arms. Now the owner of this forum assured us that you were notified in private about the PRI problem and he closed the thread out of respect for you. But since you asked, this is what happened and why I make the statements that I have. Now being on your web site, you make NO mention of including a outer knuckle bushing with your kit. It I am mistaken I sincerely apologize.

And your picture does not appear to have a red poly bushing in the outer knuckle of the trailing arm in your picture

Do you need me to give you the link to the thread about the PRI vehicle? I can give you the contact name for Livornia and the customer if you need to verify what I am saying


The BMR outer trailing arm bushing is black. However, if you know the difference between polyurethane and rubber, you should be able to tell the difference if you are standing next to it. Especially if the car is flipped on its side.

BMR part number BK006 is sold separately. Some customers choose to purchase this bushing. Some customers choose to wait and install it later. However, it has been available for quite some time now. It is listed on our website at the bottom of this page:

Since you offered, I will accept your apology.

The bushing that you "CLAIM" makes a squeak is a very BMR common bushing. We use this bushing on many, many other suspension components. There are 1000s, maybe even 10,000 suspension components out there with this bushing. We very rarely get a customer complaint for squeaky bushings. When we do get a complaint, it is usually resolved by greasing the 2 face surfaces of the bushings.

BMR has NEVER received a customer complaint for squeaky bushings on the Camaro trailing arms. If you were having problems, why didn't you call us? We could have walked you through it. I feel bad for that Camaro owner that removed the BMR parts and replaced them with the stock parts because the bushing was not greased properly.

Please send me a PM with the customer's contact info. BMR would be glad to re-install the trailing arms and grease them properly.

It is interesting that you have had 4 "events" dealing with BMR trailing arms and yet we have never received a customer complaint that we couldn't resolve.

The BMR red polyurethane bushings used on the trailing arm inner bushing are a 95 durometer bushing. BMR uses this bushing durometer on many of our bushing designs. The higher the number, the stiffer the bushing.

What durometer does Pedders offer in their trailing arm bushings?
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Originally Posted by dms View Post
With all respect, you should know that the trailing arm bushing that is in the knuckle is absolutely NOT a spherical or rose jointed bushing as Holden calls it. The lower and upper control arm bushings at the knuckle are the bushing you are talking about. My discussion is ONLY related to the outer toe link and the outer trailing arm. Jordan, you should know this!!!!

Ah...yes. My mistake. You are correct. This is precisely why Pfadt includes poly replacement bushings for both inner and outer trailing arm locations, with our rear trailing arm kit. Jordan does not work for Pfadt any longer.
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