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Impressive for their time. It would be neat to have one, but I wouldn't think I was the fastest thing on the block.

My 4000 lb family sedan is faster.. but I realize that in 91-93 this thing was awesome.

And I paid $26.2K brand new for my car in May 2009-- People paid $30K brand new for this thing 17 years ago. I wonder who got the better deal?

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Let me tell you I have had the wounderful expierence of owning both of these vehicles. There was only 2500 Syclones made (I had #1128). It was a parts bin truck. The engine was from the Grand National with a Mitsbishi turbo, the throttle body, injectors and tranny were from the corvette, the front drivetrain was from believe it or not the safari van. I had my Syclone for about 9 yrs and got my first Camaro. I can tell you that it was fast for being stock. It would run 0-60 in 4.9 and 5.1 in the rain, the 1/4 in 13 flat. there is something about awd. Probably the only bad thig about it was you could only put 500 lbs in the back. So now that I have a Camaro LS3 I think it would be close but the Camaro would pull it after the 1/4 . My sister had a 90s 5.0 and I raced her boyfriend at the time and his speedo went to 140 and I was steedly pulling away from him mine only went to 125 so I have no clue how fast I was going. I use to have a article from I believe it was Hot Rod magazine about the Syclone.
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if you really want one thats a huge collectible and conversation piece, the Marlboro Syclone is the one to look at! and most likely you wont find any for sale (usually), and you definitely wont find one ragged out!

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Lucky for me i found a 1993 Blue Typhoon for sale at a local dealer with only 1,500 miles on it... back in 1997. Well i bought it and just about ripped the asses of every Mustang and ricer in the city. I dropped a hell of alot of money into a K&N cone filter, $50 bucks, took it to the track on a nice cool fall night. Filed it up with some high octane gas at the track, you know that kind that makes that cool blue smoke come out your tail pipes!! Pulled it up to the line and attempted to break torq my launch (i was a rwookie) but the rear end ended up getting lose on me causing me to break the front line a little. Either way I got her down the track in 13.6 secs! Not bad for 50 bucks under the hood and 20 in the tank! These trucks were and still are monsters. Ya they were fast stock and now that wouldnt seem as fast at it seemed back when they were new, but just like with anything else you have to adapt to the ever changing world of technology. i love my Camaro but sorry there is nothing like that rush when you floor the gas pedal in a Ty or Sy and just as the RPMs hit 3,500 the turbo spits out its blast of air causing the trans to shift like you just got rear ended causing you and your passengers to fly back in the seats and your head to smack back as if you were on a ride at great america! oooo how i miss that truck! All wheel drive was the trick. As someone mentioned above the Camaro would catch the Sy or Ty in the long race at about 80 there isnt to much air left coming out the turbo so it flys from point A to B but on the way to C it gets winded and the Camaro would have the advantage. But if you take a quarter of the cash you would need to make a Camaro REALLY fast and throw it into a TY o Sy you would easily have a 10 or even a 9 sec TRUCK. There is some videos on youtube showing these trucks taking off and the front end comes off the ground and you can hear the tires chirping down the track as it shifts gears... Crazy rushhhhhh!!

They did have a lot of service issues due to GM stuffing 10 pounds of crap in a 3 pound engine compartment, but I found if you treated her with respect and wined and dinned her more then you beat on her... she was good to your pocket book and stepped up when it was time to earn her dues on the street! Which made the look on those Ford tools faces as they watched me leave them at the line... OOO soooo sweet!!
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The engine wasn't from a Grand National. The Sy/Ty was a 4.3 (as in 350 chevy with 2 cylinders cut off) Chevy motor. Still awesome running, and like a 03-04 Cobra, I doubt many are truly stock. I'd be carefull, because awd on the street can leave you sitting at the light, and you'll have to be carefull and patiant to catch up.
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I ran 13.02 @ 103 MPH with nothing more than a chip and some octane booster in '92. Beat a new LT1 Vette by about 5 lengths. He gave me the finger and left the track. As stated above, it was not a GN motor.
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of course since this thread I saw one driving in front of me two days ago.....but lets just say the years have not been kind to this particular truck LOL
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Originally Posted by TurboTA View Post
I ran 13.02 @ 103 MPH with nothing more than a chip and some octane booster in '92. Beat a new LT1 Vette by about 5 lengths. He gave me the finger and left the track. As stated above, it was not a GN motor.

No, it's not a GN motor,but IIRC, the idea came from a GN motor dropped into an S15 Sonoma. I'll try and dig up the article.

Link to a forum which gives details and pics of the 1989 Sonoma stuffed with the 3.8 GN motor and wheels.

That link takes you to a page that talks about the original guy, from St. Louis, Mo, who built the first " Syclone"

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The Sy's didn't sell well at all. With an MSRP of $25,XXX, a lot sat on dealer lots. I finally bought mine in early '92 for $18,900 and a few weeks later new ones were discounted down to $16,900, almost $9k off sticker. I've had two and they are a blast.
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Downfall of the Syclone and Typhoon was reliability. The engine did not have the same robust internals/block the 3.8 platform the GN was based from. No cross bolted mains, etc...

Push the boost and survivability suffered greatly.

Personally I would take a GN over a SY/TY.
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Originally Posted by ULTRAZLS1 View Post
So lets say a M6 LS3 camaro with a tune traps about 113-114. A stock syclone traps what...about 100?

You are saying that just a chip is going to give that truck roughly 130+ extra horsepower. (considering 10hp per tenth or 1mph)

No way in hell...not ever.
I agree you will not get that much extra power, but remember just by it being turbo a chip will up the hp/trq more than a tune on na motor b/c it ups the boost, look at the audi s4, evo x, sti, bmw 335-these cars are getting 60-100hp on tune/chip alone, it would be an interesting race
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doubt, stock, syclone, turbo, v-6

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