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I went back to autozone begged him to erase codes. Then drove about 20 miles has not came back on so far.
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Originally Posted by tjbusa View Post
I didn't have to pull the plugs when I did mine, only the wires at the plugs.400 miles and no CEL, I guess I am running on borrowed time.
I think it depends on what all you did and how off the a/f ratio is... maybe thats why it takes some time for the car to realize its so off or maybe the ambient air is less/more dense in your area... lots of things can effect it, elevation, air temp, humidity, density... and all this has nothing to do with your car. I think the tunes (facotry and other) take all this into an account and the a/f ratio is a range. When you go and add the CAI and headers, it changes the cars abilty to inhale and exhale so now the a/f ratio could go above/below the limits. The aftermarket tune would adjust the limits... I assume thats what they do.
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the CAI wont make the light come on. the codes are from the rear O2 sensors (like 06monteSS stated) ALL Long Tube headers change the position of the rear O2 sensors. As a result, they dont heat up as much as they should (they require a certain temp to work properly) and the AF ratio will be adversely affected. The only way to fix this is with a tune that will turn off the rear O2 sensors all together. DONT GO CHEAP AND LOOK FOR O2 SIMULATORS AS IM SURE WILL BE ON THE MARKET FOR THESE CARS SOON. Simulators will make your engine go lean an that can damage the engine.
listen the Ted from Jannetty and 06MonteSS and fork out the ~$500 for the tune. If you already forked out close to $3K for headers, full exhaust, and CAI, finish the job correctly and invest in the tune to properly adjust the car. Your car will be happy and reward you!
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Either you burned some wires for the O2 sensors and they're always reading very low voltage, or the MAF calibration is just totally out of whack from the intake you put on.

Benton is roughly two hours away from me. If you still have your stock intake, I'd suggest putting that on, clearing all codes, and making the trip to St. Louis with your intake in hand. We could put it back on, and then recalibrate everything.

For now, put your stock intake back on, clear everything, and see if you can drive it without codes coming back.
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