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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post

pick 2.
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Originally Posted by SS4EVER View Post
Not bad. I'm assuming the kit probably came with an intercooler and other cooling mods, did the kit come with a boost controller?
yes came with a vertical flow intercooler, 3" piping, etc. no boost controller. i run the AEM one though.

Originally Posted by stratman View Post
You might save $8k up front but I guarantee you the first major mod you do will take that $8k right out of your pocket and then some. Mods like that are not only expensive they are fickle as hell. A buddy of mine dropped a Twin Turbo Supra motor in a Lexus LS-430. Ran strong for a while and I mean strong. Then he took it to the dino to get tuned. Dumped like 430hp on the first pull then ate itself. In the last three years that motor has crapped on the dino twice, been out of that car 4 times, had two cranks installed, had heads ported and had a valve job, been converted to a single turbo (this is what I call the Tool Time upgrade) and a tone of stuff I canít even think of with the drive train.

Not to mention mods to brakes and suspension cause if your going to add considerable amount of power and not upgrade that as well, I recommend budgeting for a five point and a roll cage. I got a handful of stories like this I can tell ya about almost every moded car I know of. You can spend $8k now or $12-$15k (try to put a number on what I just wrote: drivetrain, brakes, suspension) tomorrow. Making power is easy. Making RELIABLE power you can street is very difficult. And honestly, itís been my experience few people do it better than the factory. Iím not saying donít do it, cause who doesnít want to see forced induction on these things, but donít do it thinking your going to save money. Plus what is three miles per gallon really going to cost you?
i have over 25k, nearly 30k miles on my car since putting the turbo on. my only prob is shredding transmissions (which ive fixed now).

stock brakes, suspension, everything. car pulls 1.6 60' at the track with ease on the 2step, and ive even hit 1.730 without the 2step.

Originally Posted by stratman View Post
I don't know who you got to sell, install and tune a turbo kit with all the trimmings ready to run for $4500 but I think that was a bargain.

Plus you gotta remember this is a brand new car. Aftermarket parts will be more expensive and a little difficult to find until it has been out for a few years. The first moded cars you see will be custom one-offs($$$$$) and aftermarket manufacturer research cars for kits they will eventually sell. Even if stuff exists for the CTS it's not as simple as throw it on the Camaro. I think you talked about waiting until you paid off your car but I think a lot of people looking to do it in the first couple of years are overlooking this.
the kit was from and i was one of the first to get it so i got it for 4500, it was normally 4800, and now sells for 5200 (i think).

i installed it myself, im an ASE certified master tech and had my own shop for almost 5 years (sold it but still workt here)
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