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I'll add my 2 cents, though I in no way claim to be an authority. In fact, I'm very much a noob at this mod stuff.

I recently had a suspension mod done to my car and the whole process came down to 2 major factors for me: 1) what will I be doing with my car and 2) budget.

As far as what I use my car for, I don't anticipate ever seriously racing. I might take it to a track one day just to drive it without worrying about a speeding ticket. I have no dilusions of being a competitive racer. (That isn't what I bought my Camaro for.) I will be doing street driving, but I want to look good/sound good while doing it. So, I wanted to drop the car a bit for appearance, but also so it would handle better on the twisties.

As for budget, if I'd had unlimited funds, I could have gone hog wild with coilovers and other hardware. However, I wanted to save some money for other mods. If you are doing only street driving, those things may not be necessary. I found a very good bang-for-the-buck was the Pfadt Sport Suspension+ for my needs, so that's what I had installed. The car looks better and corners better. I had that suspesion installed for under $1500 and I'm very happy with the results. The folks at IPS Motorsporsts and at Pfadt were really great about answering all my questions and helping me choose a suspension that was right for me and my budget. With the money I saved, I'm able to have my headers and exhaust installed this year as well.

Modding these cars is great fun, but we all know it can cost a lot of money. I sometimes have to remind myself that I should always keep in mind how I'll use my car before spending my hard-earned money on it.

I do love to see the cars with the best of the best installed for racing and I love reading and watching how you mod your cars. Keep it up!
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Originally Posted by NXC1978 View Post
That is soo awesome, any more pics like of the rear end??
Here's the only one I have ATM... may have to wait for some of the V8s to post photos of their view from the autocross! hehe!

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Originally Posted by IPS Brandon View Post
This is just good ole fashion competition here, and I respect Pete and Mike, and the company and products they represent, although I am making an assumption (and god knows that it is dangerous to make rational assumptions these days) I believe they have a the same mutual feeling. So no worries Mr. Moderator

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I totally agree!! Pete and I will convert you!! LOL

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Originally Posted by Beauwulf View Post
Here's the only one I have ATM... may have to wait for some of the V8s to post photos of their view from the autocross! hehe!

Thanks! I'll bet it drives as amazing as it looks!
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suspension camarofest

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