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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
I see exactly what you are saying. V6 @ 21K MSRP...high performing V6~25K??? high performace V8 ~30-35K+??? Maybe even 40K??? I for one would have a problem dishing out that kind of cash for the ONLY V8 offered being in that price range. Personally, I won't settle for something due to price. In other words, if they only make one V8 which is in the 35 to 40K price range, I won't be able to afford it. And I DON'T want to say, "yeah...I bought the new Camaro....and my musclecar has a V6....." :o Nah, I'll pass and have to try to see what's offered the next year........or something. I don't want a V6...period.

The way I initially read it was like this.
1. V6
2. V6 high performance
3. V8
4. V8 high performance

Who knows....only time will tell....

I agree. I might as well put duel exhaust on my Lumina! And racing mags on the wheels. If they dont offer a variation of the V8's, bye bye Ms American pie, wont drive that Chevy to the levee.
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There's a lot of talk on here about the cost of the V8........please spare a thought for those of us outside the US/Canada......who are gonna have to import the car........for me, based on a selling price of $40000, to get the car here (UK) will total in excess of £30000 after taxes and shipping.......close to $60000.........and that is still £20000 ($40000) cheaper than comparable cars with less than 400bhp! You dont know how good you've got it!!!!
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If I have to sell a kidney to get my hands on this car, I'll do it.
"To punish and enslave"
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I kind of skimmed through this tread, but has there been any around-about date for when we will at least see what the actual production model will look like? Will it be at the '08 Auto Shows perhaps? Not sure if this has been posted yet, but dodge has there's
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Sure, because it's now less then a year away. We still have a at least 1.25 years to wait. and I'm not sure that Dodge has to wait for a vehicle line to end before the challenger can take it's place...(cough) Impala (cough)
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Odds are at least 1 friend of mine (if not myself) will probably be at the GM plant where they are going to be made, my university is located in Oshawa too. And we are graduating this spring. I will keep an ear out for who's going where and see if i can get a spy or two
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