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Originally Posted by Camaro Freak View Post
All the problems you listed are done anytime a event is planned. I think each region should have its own planning committee instead of just having one planning board. Hey, If it makes this happen I will gladly serve on the SouthEast committee. No one says it would be easy. Just ask the committee who put this years Fest together. But in reality I feel its best for the Camaro5 family as a whole. Not everyone will be able to afford a 15 hour trip and won't come. But if its closer to there region, then they will. More people and cars equal more money. It can be done if everyone gets on board and does there part. Count me in!! I would really like to see this happen.
If you can get folks on board to foot the money, planning and all that goes along with it...then sure, it can be done.

But sponsors will not be able to attend 2 or more gatherings each year I don't think...I mean yeah, they'll make contacts and all but the travel cost associated to bring trucks, cars, all their stuff...IDK...maybe it can be done but man it would take some folks stepping up BIG TIME to even make it a possibility!

I'm all for it but like I said's about bringing an ENTIRE community together IMO...not regionally. I'm up for about anything...will help where I can too...but it's a huge, huge undertaking to say the least!
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Why not have regionals like the SouthWest did this year. Each region and choose the best time for their own giant meet. Then have the gigantic C5Fest once a year for epic caravans?
That way local vendors can go to the local shows. Members and vendors will only have to travel once for the big one.
I think I'm on the same page with Legend.
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dilution weakens the brand ...
there are always going to be regional gatherings held everywhere organized by our members. But C5fest is different. We'd like for it to be as big and as inclusive as possible. A series of regional C5 fests wouldn't draw people from all corners of the country (or internationally). Not many Canadians will go to a Texas event in ... May if there is a regional C5fest in July in Pennsylvania.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
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The more I think about it, the more I like the regional idea, not every month and maybe not every 4 regions, but once a year on the west coast and east coast. There were over 500 cars there in GA this year, you know how many will be there next year? With the success of this year's fest, the popularity of the cars, the 2011's coming out, I'm sure it would be in the 1,000's. the organization and implementation of a police escorted cruise b/w 500 and 1,000 cars or more would be a monumental task and nearly impossible. (only had 319 cars in the cruise this year?). It's also going to be alot more difficult to find a track to hold everyone and a host hotel. It will be much harder for people to get to race (drag or autocross) due to large amount of cars. It took an hour or two just to get into the track this year, it could take all morning to get in to the next one.

I believe that one Camaro5fest per year may be way too big for people to organize and drivers and spectators to enjoy, especially if it's only racing on a Saturday.

I think alot of people have a limit on how far they are going to drive to an event and lots of people would miss out each year if it's the opposite coastline or even central. A day's travel is probably most people's limit. Heck, I call a 10 hour drive in the Camaro an 'epic' caravan! (my trip to GA). I think 500 to 1,000 miles is pretty epic!

i think it would be alot more feasible, simpler to organize and manage, and much more enjoyable if the events are spread out by region ( 2 or 4 regions) once per year. but that's just my two beers worth
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1 epic fest is better than a few smaller fests. Just rotate locations to keep it fair

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There's also the cost of attending multiple fests. Had I gone to Valdosta it would have cost me about $2,000 round trip including gas, lodging and food. Not being independently wealthy I can't afford to make a career out of attending fests. It takes planning to attend which includes being able to get the time off from work.

Having multiple fests would probably not be any different than the regular local events the various regions do now. They'd be okay but not the same as a national fest. Sponsors and vendors have to be able to make money so the costs of attending versus the possible sales to be expected weigh heavily in their decisions. They just won't show up if the costs are too many and not enough potential sales.

Time of year and weather also play a factor for large areas of the country and Canada too. If people want a regional meet with their local chapter (like they do now) that's fine but it shouldn't be called a "fest" in my opinion. That label should be reserved for the national meet.

The people doing the planning and organizing are basically going to be working on this all year in order to get all the pieces in place, reservations made, commitments from vendors, special guests, etc. Asking them to do that multiple times for multiple locations is just too much; especially since all their time is all volunteer.

It's also easier for everyone to plan for, save up for, request time off for; one epic event. More people will be there, it will have more going on, and it will feel special because this only happens once a year. If you do something that initially feels special too often, it loses it's excitement and doesn't feel special anymore.

I vote for one epic event each year.

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