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Originally Posted by THE EVIL TW1N View Post
$40k for all that is rediculous, c'mon man. Atleast be a little less of a dreamer and be more realistic.

You basically want an LS7, but with ~10% more power.

You want an exhaust that would probably be illegal (technically) in most states.

BTW The Z06 price skyrocketed because it has parts that have real value. You want a $35k car with a bunch of added options/accessories for only ~$5k more. And that's with an engine with a higher output than even the expensive LS7 puts out.

Not to mention this dream "Z28" would in all likelyhood be facing a FAT gas guzzler tax!!


First it isnt a $35K car AND a bunch of stuff added... Whats a 1SS non RS go for?.. Maybe $31 or $32.

They could save a lot by taking away a lot of the other stuff I mention.

What did I put on there that is all that expensive? A $400 short throw sifter? A $500 set of springs and sway bars? A more free flowing exhaust? A open CAI? Some 4.10 gears?

Nothing I put was that unrealistic. Whats unrealistic is to think that people are going to be stupid enough to spend 50-60 grand on a PRODUCTION Camaro. it needs to be a reasonable price point, not like the grossly overprice SRT8 and GT500. Sure, a sucker is born every day but nothing that I put was shooting for the moon. As far as the engine goes... who knows and getting those number aren't that difficult.
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Why are so many wanting to narrow options. What if your narrow option ideas are not put in GM's plans. Would it not be better to have a long list of potential options and then let the consumer decide. I sure do not want a bounch of clone Z28 out there. Lets say they sell XX,XXX Z28's do you really want the options to be that limited. So you car is one of xx,xxx. I would much rather have my car one of 200ish. I realize that a Sunroof would not be old school. However I would sure like one in mine. I like the open feel. I think GM is smart enough to appeal to more consumers than just to historians. Give me options or I will give them a NO SALE.
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Originally Posted by jrhaus76 View Post
the Z28.

It SHOULD NOT be a 6 cyl twin turbo

It SHOULD NOT be an SS with a superchager thrown on... this is done every day

It SHOULD have a LSx... naturally aspirated, maybe tweaked to put more than 500hp out. I dont think 74hp is enough to make people make the jump.... It should be in the 525-550 range... WITHOUT forced induction! This is easily done if GM gets their aahhem off of the Government/EPAs aahhemm... A handful of cars outside the CAFE regs wont kill them...
I don't really agree. If this is going to be the top Camaro, it has to compete with the GT500. A supercharged LSx is going to be the best way to go about doing that

It SHOULD also:

- be based on a 1SS... no leather, no frills, no RS. You want frills, get the SS. It SHOULD have a leather wrap steering wheel and shift knob though... Thats your direct contact with the car, it should feel good!
No. You could get a 1st gen Z28 with all the options so there's no reason that this car shouldn't be the same.

- be availiable in auto or manual WITHOUT DOD on the auto or CAGS on the manual.

- have the track pack that they should make an option on the SS.

- have a short throw shifter in the manual

- have GMPP agressive exhaust, not the Z06 dual tone exhaust... it should ALWAYS be loud and open!
Agressive, yes. Not too loud though. Too loud can get you in trouble with the law so GM won't offer a really loud exhaust on the car.

- have open style cold air intake
Maybe not open style but a less restrictive system would be nice.

- have a 4.10 rear gear
That would be a nice option but shouldn't be standard. Not everyone is going to drag this car so it shouldn't be geared that way unless the customer wants it.

- have stainless braided brake lines with red calipers (Z06 paint scheme) with better pads. The Brembo calipers are fine.
Not really necessary. Extra cost that I wouldn't want.

- hardened axels might be a good idea.

- have brake cooling ducts like the Z06.

- have some sort of cowl induction hood... THATS FUNCTIONAL... like the Z06
As long as it looks good.

- be availble in a limited number of colors. No RJT, IBM, SG or CGM...... Only BLACK, RED, WHITE, ORANGE, YELLOW, BLUE (since they are going to add a nice bright one) or SILVER.
Nah. Just make all colors available. Maybe offer a Z28 exclusive color though.

- made lighter... reduce the sound deadening all over the car. Take out some of the useless stuff weighing the car down... like the subwoofer in the dash, the onstar computer, the air pump in the trunk!
Needs to be lighter for sure. Onstar will always be there.

No options... you pick your tranny, your color, your stripes and thats all... it is what it is...
Again, you could get the 1st gen with a lot of goodies. Also, this car is going to be quite a bit more than a 2SS so it needs to have all the amenities that the 2SS has.

The car needs to take the Z back to its roots... an all out performance car.... loud but fast as hell and great in the corners. Not something you want to take to dinner at Ruth Chris's Steakhouse... If thats what you want, get the SS. Make the Z28 an all out, balls to the wall performace oriented Camaro...
They won't do that if they want to sell a lot of them. You're seriously limiting your customer base offering a car this expensive that doesn't have the 2SS options available. The base car can come without but there's nothing wrong with offering the extras as options.

Oh and do all this and it should be very similar to the price of an SS... $40K TOPS! Remember its not a Corvette and we are trading frills and comfort for performance....
Not possible. Keep in mind that all of this stuff you're posting will only add cost to a 2SS. It won't be anywhere near $40k with all of this stuff.

Think back to 1998ish... GM came out with the FRC Corvette. It was lighter, faster and cheaper than a base coupe... Now it blossomed into the Z06 and the price skyrocketed.... We need to be thinking about this car... without the price hike.
Same drivetrain as the base Vette though. It was faster because it was lighter and it wasn't that much cheaper. The Z06 had a completely different drivetrain with more power, suspension, wheels/tires, etc. That's why it costs so much more.

This will make the car sell to a small number... just like the FRC did. GM needs to look at the Z28 as a car for the enthusiasts, NOT THE MASSES...
The FRC is rare because it didn't sell well, not because GM limited the car. Most Vette buyers wanted a targa top on the Vette unless they were getting considerably more performance.

Nice topic though! Thanks for posting.
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To the OP. I think you should be able to get a new Z28 with little options but if you want to throw everything but the kitchen sink at her than I think you should be able to do that too. This will satisfy alot bigger of a customer base. The LS7 is not going to happen and I think it shouldnt for many reasons. First and formost is that a LS7 Z28 is not going to compete with the target rival GT500 while meeting emmision standards. I know everyone wants this car to be light, crazy powerfull and can handle like its on rails but you cant have all of those and keep it in a good competitive price range. The bad thing about it is the only way to keep the car light is to do a NA motor, but that would mean it would not meet its HP goal. The only way for the car to meet its HP goal is with Forced Induction and that meens its going to get heavier. They could go the SC route while making a aluminum frame and using carbon fiber body panels to keep the weight down but what do you think that would do to the price? I am sorry they are putting the Z28 name on it while adding weight and a supercharger but this is the reality im afraid. I think they are using the Z28 name because they have little options on what to call it. I would have prefered ZL1 or maybe a completely new title. I think alot of us need to stop comparing this new car to the original Z28 and need to accept that Gm is calling it the Z28 because they felt that was the only name availible that was widely familar.

I for one would have liked the Z28 to be a tweaked SS. It would be a manual only car with a shorter throwing more precise shifter, 3.73 gears standard with the availibility to upgrade to 4.10, lighter wheels with wider skickier tires, beefier control arms with stiffer bushings, stiffer springs with 1" lower ride height, re valved better shocks geared for handeling, better sway bars with stiffer bushings, improved brakes, a LS3 with a different cam and valve springs that are more aggresive, improved air induction and exhaust manifold and a more aggesive tune with a 7000 Rpm red line. The car would have a base MSRP of about 36K and you would be able to option it out like the SS. This would compete very well with the current GT that has the 3.73 and brembo package. You could then make the supercharged Camaro and call it ZL1 or whatever to directly compete with the GT500. All of this is not going to happen but it is what I think should have if it was a perfect world.
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Not exactly the car I'm looking for, however, that's one Heck of a Z28
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Hell yeah, I'd buy one!
Originally Posted by kunkelz28
Torque !!!!!! It means you could have fat girls in your car and it will still be fast
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Not what I see in a Z/28 ,but to each is own.
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For what you want, it won't cost 40k. Your idea was to take a ~$31k car and add $9k worth of go-fast goodies ... well, that won't work out, at least not with the parts list you have. The 525-550 hp NA engine alone would eat up most of that budget. And the supercharged LSA (which is not just a supercharged LS3) would cost about the same (if not less), with at least as much power and a lot more torque, and its development and tooling has already been paid for by the CTS-V.

GM could do the car you propose, maybe, but not for the price you'd like (though thats true for just about every dream Z28 on this forum). Overall, I like your concept and I even planned out a similar one a few months ago, with a powerful NA engine and attention paid to keeping the car light. I think my target was 3600 lbs or so with over 500 hp, with things like light weight body panels and base LS interior. And I think I claimed mid to high 40's for the price
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
Originally Posted by FbodFather
My sister's dentist's brother's cousin's housekeeper's dog-breeder's nephew sells coffee filters to the company that provides coffee to General Motors......
........and HE WOULD KNOW!!!!

Camaro Fest sub-forum
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Put my name down for one.That spec will suit me down to the ground.
I used that philosophy when i made a commitment to buy a 1ss.The cash i saved on leather and interior options,i spent on performance parts,it is a performance car after all.
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Do you really think the GT500 is grossly overpriced?? Think about the performance.. I think it's in line. In fact it’s probably one of the best bang for the buck cars out.

The 1999 FRC Vette wasn't that special that's why the price jumped when it changed to the Z06. The FRC would be be like keeping the same LS3 engine, shedding maybe 100 lbs, some suspension, and stiffening the chassis. Not a whole lot to it.
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Mr Twisty

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OP is closer to a ZL1 than Z/28...

It needs a tight wound little D.I. 5.3 litre 9,000 rpm redline angry mouse motor, dry sump oiling, massaged gas tank,
light weight Recaro interior, lightening tricks without pissing off the bean counters, CTS-V brakes, 18" wheels, fat tires, stiffer suspension, sways and hi-durometer bushings, ss brake lines, ~4.30 rear axle ratio and close ratio tranny. ... and a short throw shifter.

THAT is a Z/28
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