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Originally Posted by pinkcamaro10 View Post
Haven't you ever heard of a wireless broadband card?

Im sure headpunter already has one on order and he will figure out how to drive and post at the same time.

and you know how iphone people think they're cool with the little signature at the bottom that says "Sent from my iphone"......

his will say
Sent From My Camaro....

now im going to run and hide.


good point
I am seriously never serious vv V vv Next order of business
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The Great KJ
The Great KJ
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Originally Posted by ZYAL8R View Post
Once she gets you think we are going to still be friends or will this forum turn into "The Breakfast Club"? I only learned of this site as of the day I ordered my dreamcar, but since then I've learned a TON of stuff and not just stuff about our CAMARO. Someone else said this site is like "crack", and I say that's true. But once she gets here, we are going to be driving fools, like a pirate with a new ship, or a baby with a new rattle, or a bum with a new pair of underwear, or a .......... Well you get the point.
Oh I think it will be full of us showing our new Camaro, and as modifications come along we will want to see them too. Can't wait!!!

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it's a juggernaut, i tell you!
don't overstay your welcome, or you won't be welcome to stay over.
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Well I guess we can drive our cars and then when we aren't driving our cars, we can come on here and talk about driving our cars.
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Originally Posted by shnomac77 View Post
Im thinking Indy seems like a "holy" place to make our pilgramage........
im meening more on the lines of a camaro5 car show/ gathering. i know indy has their own thing but we should throw our own "party"

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Yea we are of course getting pictures, projects, how to fix somthing if somthing goes wrong, talk about upgrades or installed parts, parts for sale, Mustang rapage stories, and questions if you don't understand the new "gadgets" the camaro has, and future plans, I can't wait to see all the new camaro pictures and videos that will be here.
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i think most will stay to really love the camaro, the few who are here to just get feedback about the car to see if they really want it will prob leave once it comes out , but i still will be a great place to tell stories, get laughs and posssibly talk about what we have done to our camaro's and what aftermarket parts we all know of. i think the site will stay strong
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I vote we pick a date somewhere downt the line...Plan a time to have about 2000 2010 Camaros parked outside of GM Headquarters, blocking the streets, causing the street grid to come to a halt. Everyone revving the engines. Then we just wait for Fbodfather and the other bigwigs to come out and cheer with us
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I think I speak for a lot of us that have been here for awhile in saying - a big part of the addiction to Camaro5 is the PEOPLE.

And I believe when our friends here start relating all their 2010 stories, from shutdowns to problems and repairs, it may very well become even more enjoyable and addictive. I'll bet the Mods are already thinking of new discussion topics for Camaro5's post deliver future.

I'm looking forward to a long relationship!!!!
2SS/RS - Black/Black - CGM Rally Stripes - Auto - VIN 10171
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I love crepes
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It will actually be very interesting to start a delivery thread and compare that to when orders were placed and what was ordered. That will keep us busy until probably at least September.
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Krazy and old
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Originally Posted by camaropete View Post
Well after we get our cars we will have pictures to share, stories to tell, mustang beatings to tell of, etc.

Ready when you are hot rod!

You sure your mom will let you take it out?
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umm... ha ha?

i think?
Originally Posted by BowtieGuy View Post
If Toyota takes control of the Corvette, I swear on all that is holy that I will buy a one way ticket to Japan and suicide bomb the Toyota headquarters.
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