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Miller High Life
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Originally Posted by RallyFever View Post
Sweet; I'll be there Sunday and hope to sit in the SS as well.
Did you take your workbench order sheet with you or just wear your Camaro5 T-shirt??

BTW, just screwing with you on the Chargers - good luck!
My team will be watching from the couch!!
I was wearing my Camaro5 shirt and Scott saw me by the Camaro with my camera. He took me past the ropes so I could get better pics and told me to climb in, then took my pic. It is no wonder why Scott is doing what he does, cause he is the best, thanks again Scott.

Sorry about the pic of my ugly mug, but it was fun.
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Lucky you, Bouncertime. Scott wasn't there by the time I got there on Thursday. I didn't feel like harassing Brian into letting me sit in it. He was being asked a bunch of questions (like "So when does it come out?" Damn non-enthusiasts). I brought my workbench printout just in case it'd help, too. I got a high-five for my color choice (CGM) and headed over to the ZR1. The people saying "It looks just like the Challenger" were making me sick.

Those of you who haven't seen this beauty (the Camaro, although the ZR1 is something special) in person are missing out.

Edit: I can't believe he let you into the Camaro while you're holding a Toyota pamphlet.
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just can't seem to leave
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hey bouncertime, i love that gray headliner and pillars more & more every time i see that pic! thanks so much!
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