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Originally Posted by Revo1 View Post

So hypothetically, if the ZL1 were badged Z28, you'd write GM and tell them they were doin it wrong? Not tryin to be sarcastic, just playin devil's advocate a lil bit

Also, do you consider those that LIKE the ZL1 to be less than enthusiasts?
Dingdingdingdingding......We have a Winner!! Now you've got it. And yes, I and many others (and most of them much more so than I have been able to do) have been telling GM EXACTLY that, "Ur doin it wrong!" for months and months on this and dozens of other Camaro forums, emails, personal contact at car shows, etc. ever since hints and evidence started coming out about an LSA engined Camaro being called Z/28. If fact, some enthusiasts were telling GM what a 5th gen. Z/28 needed to be right after the Camaro Concept came out in 2006. Enthusiasts can like the ZL1 (even buy one), hell there aren't many Camaros I don't like (and I really do like the ZL1), but there is a large contingent of enthusiasts that don't think a supercharged 550hp two ton behemoth fits what a Z/28 really needs to be. If they make a fifth gen. Z/28 and it is a cosmetic makeover with the LSA with no real weight savings and they don't have the absolute best handling possible in a fifth gen. Camaro (and remember that even with superb suspension tweaks, weight will affect overall handling), then I'll pass and wait for the 6th gen. Z/28 where they may have more opportunity to put together a package that is more like what I really want. When I bought a new Z/28 in '69, I could have just as easily opted for a SS 396/375hp or a COPO 427cid, but they were not what I wanted, the Z/28 was as close to being exactly what I wanted from GM in a Camaro at that point in time that I could get from the factory. Take a high HP BB first gen for a 1/4 mile blast and it would knock your socks off, take a '69 Z/28 for a spin on twisties with straightaways and it blew you away, two cars with the same bodies, both awesome performers, both "purpose built" with different goals in mind. And that's what Chevy/GM needs to remember, a Z/28 needs to be purpose built with a different goal than an SS or ZL1.
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