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so...does anybody know anything about pricing other than the zl1's base is 47k? i love the 45th camaro. but that zl1 is sick in terms of performance. performance would be my preference, and if the 45th is $40k and the zl1 (loaded) is $50k, i'd probably just go with the zl1. but if the 45th is $35k and the zl1 is still $50k, the 45th makes a much more compelling argument suddenly. 150hp for 15k isn't worth it IMO, especially considering how cool i happen to think the 45th looks.
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Contrary to most, I like the look of the new steering wheel over the current one, and I even like the alcantara or suede. I will admit the ZL1 is a bit under-styled, but I kinda like it like that. It has a bit of a "sleeper" appeal to it. However, that SSX concept is just BADA$$. I do wish GM would make a limited production version of the SSX!
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Who ever says the GT500 looks better than the CAMARO or a ZL1 has no taste at all!! those are words of a person that has been spanked by camaro's 1 too many times or just cant afford 1 and are hating
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Pictures do not do any of these cars all. You really have to see them up close and personal to really get the full scope of what the designers are trying to present.

The color on the 45th anniversary car is amazing. The only way I can discribe is a cross between black and cyber grey with a lot of metal flake. I was really blown away at how good that color looks. I think GM is going to be selling a lot of cars with that option. Not only Camaros, but what ever else they apply it to.

The ZL1 may look like the plastic is cheap or out of place in pictures, but again, you need to see it up close to really let it soak in and tickle your brain. The steering wheel up close looks like it should have in the first place. It's nice to see GM take the advice of the vehicle fans. This is how a company maintains loyal customers.

Right up until yesterday I was on the fence about the ZL1. I wanted it because of what it offered, but I also want my SS and modify it to match or beat a ZL1. In the end, I made up my mind the first few seconds I had looking at the car. The ZL1 will be in my garage when it's available.

If you get the chance, go and see any of the new camaros being offered in person before you make a judgement call about them. You maybe pleasently surprised.
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I love the way the 45th Anniversary looks. That Carbon Metallic looks good. Its black, but not to black. Plus the metallic gives it a golden touch. I for one am thinking about putting down an order when it becomes ready this summer. Plus I'm thinking about the V6 too. For me its the idea of shifting gears thats fun. Great Gas mileage and power of a V8 naturally aspirated. My 1968 396 big block chevy puts out 325 hp and eat gas like I eat twinkies.You cannot beat it.

As far as the stripe, I like it. It's so in your face loud like the muscle car era mixed with 80's IROC/Formula 1 Decadence. I still remember as a kid seeing cars with that one stripe over that hump in the hood and wanting one of those cars. This 45th paint scheme brings the Camaro full circle.

Plus the interior is nice. I'm glad they finally put some soft leather/suede in the dash. It needed it badly. Too Much hard plastic. When I see the new dash I think now classic car interior modernized. When I'm in my classic car I love the feel of the metal dash and the vinyl squishy foam dash pad. That was something I felt the current camaro lacked in interior quality. I know I may be killed for this but the new Mustang if you looked at the interior it had that old school look and one could look at the old Mustang interior and from a glance I couldn't tell the difference. That for me was the only cool part to the mustang for me. Now with the improvements I feel the Camaro interior is right where its at. Plus I've been wanting to see the new guage design and I like what I see in the picks. It's been given that old school letter font that I love. Plus I like the new steering wheel. Its got a good look to it and I feel if one wanted to there is a nice chrome area to add the Tri color camaro logo.

The only thing I would want see (Please Fbodfather make it so) is the tapshift auto to be changed. I would like to be able to use the actual stick when shifting like the G8 had rather than having to push the flappy paddles on the the steering wheel. For me that would complete the package. Maybe have Hurst bring back the his/her shifter for the camaro.
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Originally Posted by kiteman View Post
so...does anybody know anything about pricing other than the zl1's base is 47k? i love the 45th camaro. but that zl1 is sick in terms of performance. performance would be my preference, and if the 45th is $40k and the zl1 (loaded) is $50k, i'd probably just go with the zl1. but if the 45th is $35k and the zl1 is still $50k, the 45th makes a much more compelling argument suddenly. 150hp for 15k isn't worth it IMO, especially considering how cool i happen to think the 45th looks.
We don't even know price on the ZL1. We're all guessing at this point as the only reference point we have is the GT500 which GM has publicly admitted is the ZL1s target.

Also, your 15K for 150hp rationalization wouldn't be valid anyway. The ZL1 is much more than just a supercharger.
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Originally Posted by Z Boss View Post
The 45th Anniversary car's exterior design is weak....the ford guys are having a field day critizing that car. I am a Camaro guy since high school and still have 6 right now, and I can't really look at that car with a straight face. There are so many things right about Gen5 Camaros but that model is just not attractive - stripes and logo look like a high school art class design from somone who is not a car enthusiast. I know this is just a matter of taste............or a lack thereof. However, I am still excited about the upcoming ZL1. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid......that stripe is ugly!
I totally agree!!! The stripe is HORRIBLE!!!!! Somebody was on crack when they came up with that!!!! But, thats just my opinion.
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No black stripe on the ZL1 in those pictures?
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GT500 looks a bit bulkier than the ZL1, given they are supposed to be in the same class, I would think GT500 might come a bit short on the performance side. Granted, GT500 probably has a few things NAV/1000W stereo...etc., but we don't know what ZL1 has to offer. Then again, if you are buying a ZL1... don't you think extra weight might cause you to lose a few 1/10th of seconds on the drag strip, or track?

From the current videos on the net, GT500 appears to have issue hooking up with its rear tires, and a bit light when attacking curve aggresively.

Anyway, I don't really think GT500's engine is anywhere close to compete against LSA. Of course, that's just my bias... now ... if GM decides to revive Trans AM... then I will have to sell out on the Camaro. But for the timebeing... ZL1 rocks
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Lets not turn this into another debate thread..... please!
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Where can i get those black rims which are on the ZL1...
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The ZL1 is quite intriguing. I've been looking for a stable mate for my Challenger for a couple years.

However, I'd think GM can do something about all the hoses running out the front of the engine cover. The aesthetics of the engine bay need some tweaking.

Other than that I think it's bad ass and can't wait to check one out in person.
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Originally Posted by n!ght r!der View Post
its a photoshop of this
Wow, thanks man. I wonder what the rear looks like, someone said it's a Malibu... I like.
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I'm with you RallySport! Til i see a med blue (similar to the Bright Blue used on 09vettes)I will keep putting the money into my 67. I would have bit the bullet and bought a ABM SS, but held out for a Z and now they dropped the color. Fbod mentioned cost to develop colors, but the Bright Blue was already developed for the vette. Might be me, but hard to believe more people want synergy green then blue. That green would grow old on me, but the blue is a classic to the gen 1's.
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