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Originally Posted by KeepItGreasey View Post
i love my car, but...

it's becoming a pain in the ass. i'm just starting this thread to open this topic for discussion. wondering if anyone has had such a variety of things that needed to be repaired on their cars.

#1 - delivery of my Camaro was delayed by a whole month because of the battery cable recall.

#2 - the day i took delivery, my driver's side pillar molding kept popping off and had to be replaced.

#3 - black plastic/rubber exterior window molding around the small triangle window on the driver's side was peeling up on its own. they glued it back down.

see all my posts threads. all of them. 1
#4 - loose spoiler. had two nuts rolling around in my trunk lid. took 3 different visits to have this issue corrected.

#5 - paint chipping/abrasion under the loose spoiler. had it all touched up on my last visit to the dealer, but looks like complete SH*T now... so i'll have to go back again.

#6 - radio display screen would go blank, or freeze until i restarted my car. couldn't access any of my menus of skip songs or change the audio source. the dealer fixed it.

#7 - reprogrammed HVAC and inspected the engine harness as per the recall.

#8 - my heater core gurgled when i drove my car. they fixed it.

#9 - went into the dealer in December complaining about noisy steering and vibration... they did nothing - and i for the life of me could not find the power steering reservoir at the time. but 7 months later, i go in again with the same complaint and they tell me that my power steering fluid level was at the bare minimum, so they topped it off and it's been quiet and smooth since. is power steering fluid leven NOT on their 27 point checklist? did they not look at it the first time. they said that there was no leak found. so where did it all go? if it has been low all this time, why didn't they see it before?

#10 - installed axle-back SLP LM II myself, and when i removed the stock mufflers, they were full of water.

#11 - the radio display would not keep the proper date. it would always be off by a few days, every couple months.

#12 - noticed oily drippage under my L99 after parking it on a previously spotless slab of concrete for a week. the dealer found not one, but TWO oil leaks. one leak was at the oil cooler, the second was around the oil pan.

#13 - analog speedometer does not work (intermittently). but apparently when it was at the dealership for more than a week (while they were going through my list of issues), it worked fine. when i picked it up, halfway home i noticed that it wasn't working, so i turned around and went back to the dealership. of course, it was after service hours by now, so i had to drive with the sales manager to PROVE that the speedometer doesn't work properly. now i just have to go back and get this fixed when i feel like taking it down.

#14 - noise from the rear end while pulling into and backing out or parking spaces. they replaced the differential fluid... so far so good.

#15 - used to hear some pretty loud tapping/ticking from the front end at start-up... but this has gone away since the oil leak issue was resolved.

#16 - the whole mp3 playback from USB stick is a pain in the ass. i'm tired of having to re-do all of my options and re-select the music that i was listening to before the last time i got out of my car. but it is my understanding that there is no current fix for this. then the dealer tries to feed me the line "It's operating as it was programmed to operate" - well yeah, it's a SH*TTY programming job if you ask me. they should have referred to the mp3 playback from CD operation from all the other GM vehicles with 6 disc in dash CD changers. those work perfectly fine, they remember what song you were on, they continue playing the rest of that folder, and then move onto the next folder once the last song has been played... AND there was a single push-button navigation between folders. this USB interface was a HUGE selling point to me, and i can't even tell you how disappointed i am in the way it operates. i dreamed about being able to plug in a flash drive loaded with music, long before it existed in cars.............. and after my last visit to the dealer when they did some "calibrations", my "Random" feature does not work at all. Everything plays in alphabetical order whether "Random" is on, or off.

has all of this happened to you?

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Originally Posted by KeepItGreasey View Post
no, dear. i am not asking if you have experienced any ONE of these things... i am asking if you are experiencing any GREAT NUMBER/ALL of these things, smarty-pants.
in a word!!

Originally Posted by KeepItGreasey View Post
thanks for the well-wishes. it is a big concern to me because i have only had possession of my car for 12 of the 13 months that i've been paying for it.
tell 'em you want a new car!..lemon law?
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Originally Posted by 2SS BUMBLBE View Post
My only problem is poor to non-existent FM radio reception. They have been troubleshooting the problem from head unit to antenna. Head unit replaced, same problem. The next thing is to replace the antenna cable from head unit to antenna. I haven't done that one yet, since I am out of town. If that doesn't work, then they are talking about replacing the antenna...and since that is in the rear window...ugh. I really hope it is only the cable. Fingers crossed.
I ate some crow today at the dealer:

So thought I would post the cure for my problem. It took the better part of a year and one deployment but it looks like I initiated the problem. I installed my sub amp on the trunk side of the rear seat back and there is enough EMF bleed to interfere with the FM. Seat up, poor reception. Seat down, good reception. Looks like Diamond amps may not be FCC compliant? Hope anyone else with this problem may save themselves a lot of trouble, a new coax antenna cable, FM module, and rear glass replacement. The silver lining: the dealer is not charging me for the "warranty" work. Whew.
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