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Originally Posted by Riddikulus5Gen View Post
First off, congrats on starting grad school! and the new car to help celebrate and ease the stress.

My car was something I had been dreaming about since I was a kid, and then they came out with the 5th gen, and after a year of searching, I found the one that came to be mine. It was my 25th bday present to myself, but had been a loooong time coming, graduating from school, etc.

Anywhoo, my insurance guy has been great in the past, actually pretty darn ethical, and usually willing to go above and beyond what should be expected, to try and find all the breaks and things we could get on our insurance to give us the best coverage and best rates. So, I was just in general hesitant to submit this, since I have a clean record for anything, and I am happy with where my payments are right now, didn't really want to tarnish my record with something stupid and end up paying more. hmm..
that is kind of ridiculous about the shopping cart, hooray insurance... *rolls eyes*

And thanks for the comment on the blue! Once I saw it, it was something I really had to have, but in order to get that color these days, unfortunately you have to look for a used one, because it was only offered for the 2010 models, and was then discontinued. So, no worries on not holding out, and the Silver Ice just makes the body lines look amazing, (In my opinion.) So, I think you still did good. Enjoy!
Oh yeah this will make grad school much more bearable, not to mention not finding a job in my field of study. The past 3 years I literally cursed everytime I saw a new camaro cuz I knew I was supposed to be driving one. It was like rubbing it in my face everytime I saw one. In the end it is going to take grad school to get me that real job and it took grad school, and the student loan deferment that goes with that, to get me one now.

Well that explains why I never see the blue. Why they would drop that blue and keep the dark blue I saw on the 2011's I don't know cuz I like blue but there was nothign about that I liked. I've had 4 firebird and this is my second camaro so I've had a love for these since I was a kid but my favorite, til now, was the 87 formula I had that was blue similar to yours. I saw an electric pearl blue on the 4th gen and I loved that color but my 4th gen firebird was red. However once I saw a silver ice with black racing stripes I fell in love. I was torn between silver and black but your right about the contours of the silver and it does look great. I love the way the side view of the back end looks with those sharp bends. I'm happy with silver ice but I would trade for your blue lol.

Honestly I am a very ethical person so I'm not entirely comfortable with telling you to do something unethical but it is easy to rationalize when dealing with insurance companies who will snub you every chance they get. I live in tornado country so most ppl are covered for tornados but a few years back we had "microbursts" which are not quote unquote tornados but they blew ppls houses down to the groud just the same and since they were not "tornados" and ppl didn't have nor had they ever heard of "microbursts" they were not covered essentially ruining their lives. I don't know if the outcries ever got the insurance companies to do the right thing but it was sick either way. And on top of that they will raise your rates every chance they get. Like me, I have no tickets in over ten years, no accidents, my credit is decent, and I'm over 30 but they have me in a high risk catagory and can't tell me why and in the last year raised my rates ten bucks a month.

But I digress. Here is the thing with claims. A comp claim will not raise your rates unless you use it excessively as comp claims are essentially things out of your control, vandalism or acts of god etc... Too many will get you canceled. Now collision claims will get your rates raised cuz those are your fault, or they should be but see the shopping cart incident to know it is bs too, so they are to not be taken lightly. Either way collision or comp if it is just one claim then you have nothing to be worried about as it is multiple claims that draw the red flags and I don't think that one single collision claim will get your rates raised but a comp claim would be less harmful. Now a collision claim and say a ticket or two will get you enough points to cost you some dough but in isolation I think you are fine, of course your agent can tell you better than I. With all that taken into consideration if the claim is substantially more than your deductable and you don't have any recent claims then this is why you dance with the devil and have insurance.
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Mischief Managed
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I scratched my bumper after 3 days of ownership so I know how you feel. I thought I could just curl up and die.

But I got it repainted and it was ok again. A minor scratch is so much better then having something really horrible happen (as some people have posted pictures of that make me want to seeing).

Plus I have had my front bumper ripped off and my car rearended twice in the first year alone. will NEVER stop hurting. :(
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Originally Posted by Riddikulus5Gen View Post
yeah, something like that. it rolled, I didn't really give it any gas, it was a simple and foolish mistake, newb to a manual trans, didn't give it enough gas and let clutch out enough for it to roll back the few inches and bump the pole.
One thing to remember when in a pinch like that with a manual transmission, you can always use the emergency brake to stop your backward roll, and ease off the brake as you ease on the gas...
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dang. I havent finished reading this entire thread, but that was me this past thursday. Thats exactly how i felt.
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canadian ss
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Never park around anything that can hit you or you hit it. Sucks bad man. The other day my garage door opener was in my hand and the rear was just sticking out enough and almost made contact after franticly pressing the button to raise it again. Sure got real close. Lesson learned....always park all the way in or out.
Seeing out the back is horrible thou. I always stop like 5 feet from the guy behind me and the front sticks out more than the other cars do asking for a swipe. This car gives me gray hairs when backing up to park.
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Yea, these things happen. Sometimes they just cannot be avoided. Sucks to keep the car in show room condition, weekend car, toy...etc. Work hard to keep it in the best shape and all the sudden, you discover dents or potato chips in your rim, chips in the paint and that all the sudden "CRACK" as that pebble hits and chips your front windshield. But we go on as painful as it is.
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You have any update pics on the finish after the fix? Or are you still I'm the process? My dent is very defined, I feel your pain man and wish mine looked like yours. I'm in the same boat and just gonna pay out of pocket because I'm at the end of my insurance 6 months and have an opportunity to change companies and would like a lower payment.
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now you can get this:
1944 Willys Jeep
2010 Camaro RS IMB w/ Sound System upgrade + Sunroof, Chrome gills
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rear ended

I had my baby "Hoss" for five months before some idiot in a suv rear ended a volvo and knocked it into my rear end. I was devestated too. But I took it to the most recommended bodyshop in Tuscaloosa and she's as good as new except for the depreciation... I'll never sell her anyway! Fricking moron drivers in this town!
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Originally Posted by Riddikulus5Gen View Post
One of them actually said, "what happened?? I told you you were close!?".
and then continued to say, "You're not going to like what you see."

fyi: Pick your statements more wisely when dealing with me, especially
in a state of rage and rapidly increasing overwhelming regret/sadness.
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bumper, damage, hit, rear, scrape

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