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My Monte has a eaton M90, My redline has a turbo punmping near 19 psi, and all with full GM warranty. Oh and for the redline turbo upgrade kits are offered as well as stage packages. As long as you buy the part from a gm source and have it dealer installed then the warranty stay intact with no worries. So with that being said... Why would it be hard to believe that gm would not offer a blower upgrade kit "package" and honor the warranty? As long as you obide by their conditions it shouldnt be an issue. Would it be expensive???? More than likely since the "kit" would prob include some fordged internals or what have you to insure the longevity of the motor. I would not hold my breath for the 2300 as it will more than likely be the 1900. Besides they are only like 500 bucks diff in price but the 1900 supposedly allows for better low end HP/torque and well the 2300 is on the higer side. And hate to crush anyones thoughts but the camaro is a grunting pavement destroyer and has always been so the 1900 would prob be the choice if it was to be made available for the camaro from GM.
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Hate to say it, but it is probably cheaper to do it privately if I had to guess. But the thought is badass
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If you will check out my garage you see I have a Magna Charger on my 2004 silverado, I bought the extended warranty for $ 200.00. Like it says drive train only. You need to have a good relationship with your dealer, mine has repaired anything I have needed ( not much ) but stood behind the truck 100%. I have not had a minutes trouble with the super charger or anything else. I have not really raced it couple times to MO-KAN on a saturday. The power is very linear a lot of fun. GM dealer installed and tuned. I did have a friend install one on aother truck and he had the harmonic balancer bolts come lose and they had to rebuild the motor, the same dealer that installed stood behind it.

I would do it again as long as I have a dealer that's willing to stand behind the warranty on the car, I was told by another dealer that the install voids your Factory warranty. Get it in writing like JJ #48 racing said.
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Originally Posted by JJ#48Racing View Post
That's an iron clad warranty there. Almost anyone would void it. Of course I'm sure the same would apply for a factory warranty.

Some highlights:
- They aren't liable for the first 90 days and 1,500 miles if other engine work was performed
- Oil changes must be performed by an oil change facility (no changing your own oil) every 4 months or 4,000 miles.
- Any other modifications done to the vehicles engine/trans must be approved in writing from Magnuson.
- Oh yeah, and NO RACING!
Hey I didn't say it was good. It's just what dealers are going to offer. It's policy underwritten by an aftermarket seller of extended warranties. There is is a lot of the same type of bullshit in the factory language as well. This is all thier doing. The dealer isn't going out on a limb or doing anyone a favor. This is a old trick to make them more money. All they are doing is selling you something that already exists for more money because they are a dealer.
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