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Adam's Polishes

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Black paint isn't a hobby, its a career. Get used to it
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H-Town Camaro Club
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Originally Posted by Dylan@Adams View Post
Black paint isn't a hobby, its a career. Get used to it
so true but it's worth it!
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Oldbie that nobody knows
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Get used to it. Comes with the territory - you need to learn to really savor the day or two that it looks clean after a wash.
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Emerald Coast Camaros
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After my black '06 Cobalt LT, I swore up and down I wouldn't do it again but here I am! I couldn't hold out for 2012s to start showing up in IBM (in retrospect, my number 2 color choice). I saw a black 1LT/RS with my name on it and I drove her away.

I'm working my way up to Adams stuff but right now I have Meguiar's Ultimate Polish and Ultimate Wax (and Ultimate Compound from some time ago, not necessary at the moment). I have used the Cali duster with good results. It's just a bit wax-heavy when new so watch that. I dust and cover the car every evening and wash once a week (counting the day after I got it home, that makes 3 times now, lol). My plan is to wax once a quarter and polish probably once a year.

Originally Posted by Dylan@Adams View Post
Black paint isn't a hobby, its a career. Get used to it
Love this!
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Switchin' n Twitchin'
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If you wash and wax/protect properly it's not that much of a chore. I have swirls, but a dirty car, I do not. It might have a few spots on it, but it doesn't look as abd as some that I've seen, even the 3 or 4 black Camaros on this Army base look bad in comparison. (I wash maybe once a week... sometimes twice depending on weather.)
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Originally Posted by Dylan@Adams View Post
Black paint isn't a hobby, its a career. Get used to it
Im with dylan there i just polished my car and used brilliant glaze followed by americana wax it looked like it could sit on the showroom floor but two days later it had dust settled on it from sitting in the garage i dont use my car cover anymore cause its a chore to take it on and off all the time, i just live with the dust, from far away its not very noticable and when it looks bad i wash it.. i will say the adams products make washing it a lot easier, i used to be a meguiars guy but trust me once you try adams once your sold.... i used to think the hype on here was crazy and overrated til i tried it out for myself its well worth the investment to keep that black car loooking good
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Originally Posted by Qtrofablock View Post
Thanx Guys!
Lets see...
I have had at least 6 black vehicles and plenty of dark vehicles..
Best advice I can give...
If it does not rain that often where you live, wash your car every two weeks.
Dont worry about dust and pollen. It will be on there hours after you wash.
What I would do, if it rains a day in the week, wash the car after it rains.
If it rains again in the same week,.... wash it again....after it rains..
Keep your eye on the weather... if you know its going to rain...hold off washing until it rains..then wash...
You will find like I did the hard way....
You can let your car go for months with no rain...
but just because it is black the first chance it gets... it WILL rain on it, or worse a bird will see his reflection in it and pooh on it..
This is the reason why I am done with black cars..Nothing prettier but I want to enjoy my life a little without having to keep my car so clean!
If you get long breaks without any rain... every two weeks and it should look fine. And the most important of all of any advice I can give.
Always wash your black car BY HAND.
Never a car wash or even a automated brushless system.
Good luck!
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(with a little chrome)
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I usually go to a local hand held car wash (that the owner keeps in top notch condition) and use plain water under low pressure to rinse off the dust. Then I use the spot free rinse to finish it.

Cheap, safe, fast. My black beauty shines once more.

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If you are dedicated, washing it 2-3 times a week will keep it pretty clean.

Otherwise, every other day you can touch the car up with Waterless Spray Wash to get the dust/dirt off.

I would not use the Waterless Wash if the car is really dirty. Only if it has light surface dust.

Keeping black clean isn't a job, it's a career.
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The more you wash it the more you are increasing the chances or swirling your paint. Wash less often but do a worthy job. Carry a Cali duster with you and use it properly between washes. That's really all you can do.
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Originally Posted by Dylan@Adams View Post
Black paint isn't a hobby, its a career. Get used to it
Those who owned black before know this ...
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Thing about black is its clean and you know when it is perfect. These lighter car guys have less worry because it doesnt show up but..... iTS STILL as dirty ot dirtier than your black car and the scratches STILL THERE!!! Haha be glad you have a car that keeps you on top of keeping it clean and scratch free! By the time a lazy white car cleaning guy gives his car the tlc you have ur black one he will need a new paintjob
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I wash my black car three times a week as I park on on dirt road and our trucks throw up clouds of dust as they go by. I use Adams waxes and polishes so it really really shines. People say it looks so good even with a light coat of dust on it. Adams makes it shine!
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Yea blacks terrible. I'm actually considering selling it and buying a 2012 IOM SS next year. Just to much work to keep it looking good.
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