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Originally Posted by KEEP RT View Post
Why is there so many that are just dying for a Z28 badge. Is it just a badge? Come on, really. Any performance model that comes out some feel that it should be a "Z28". Take what ever you can afford or want that GM offers or buy badges and put it on. If its a dead model then it's dead. If Gm brings it back then they bring it back. No body asks for a Berlinetta. Or the come back of the 4 cylinder Camaro. If they offer a ZL1 or a 1LE or a COPO or 2SS, 1SS, LS, LT, optional RS package. All kinds of interior and exterior options. Then buy what you like and make it yours. STOP whining! And for those crying for AWD >>> if they ever build it then buy it as for now it's a RWD performance/ muscle car. If you have trouble driving it in bad weather park it or sell it. If your not happy with yours sell it, change it, rebuild it. If you don't like what they have then don't buy or wait till the do. Be thankful for what we have. Ask questions about your car or how too's even give praise and thanks. Show it off, drive it enjoy it, MOD the hell out of it or leave it original. BUT PLEASE STOP the Whining! Write GM if you want a different model. I'm happy with mine. I drive mine. I show it off. I mod it. I'll keep it. Thanks for listening.
I don't see a whole lot of whining about a Z28. Lots of asking, lots of wishing, lots of armchair engineering. But not much whining. And to my knowledge none of us simply want a badge. If we did, we could by some old ones, slap them on a car and call it a day. But then its not really a Z28, is it? And neither is a modified SS, or LT, or LS, or ZL1. We want GM to make a Z28 that honours the tradition of the name. If you don't care, fine. You don't have to. Keep on enjoying your car like tens of thousands of other 5th gen owners, its a great car. But for some of us, the best Camaro is one that hasn't been built yet. Maybe it will come, maybe it won't. But until we hear one way or the other, we'll just keep on dreaming.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
Originally Posted by FbodFather
My sister's dentist's brother's cousin's housekeeper's dog-breeder's nephew sells coffee filters to the company that provides coffee to General Motors......
........and HE WOULD KNOW!!!!

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Just Grazing
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Originally Posted by big hammer View Post
2012 zl1... the new 99 cobra?
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my money would be on 1LE=Z28
-John S.

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I might just buy some Z/28 badges and slap them on my '11 1SS... Then I can have a 2011 Z/28 !!!!!
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What's so bad about whining? It usually gets you what you want.
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Right, right.
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The z28 is a LEGEND among cars. Im a little confused as to why you seem to be yelling at and mocking anybody who wants to bring it back. If you dont want one, or dont care, then thats fine. but theres no reason to say all that crap about ppl who actually do.

and HEY! Theres nothing wrong with the Berlinetta! Lay off bro!
"You wanna lay the fate of the world on the kids camaro? Thats cool."
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