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Originally Posted by dougmac View Post
Wind noise can be pretty annoying in my '69 Mustang & '67 Fairlane (both real Hardtops with original roof rail weatherstripping) ... but on the 3 SN-95 Mustangs I've had without "INDEXING" ('94. '98 & '04), I've never heard ANY wind noise in 335,000 miles of driving !!

Yet, it had to designed into the 2005-up Mustang and now most new designs including the Camaro.

I suppose now there are people out there that have been brainwashed into thinking they can't buy a new car without it, so we are now stuck with one more unneccessary feature that may require servicing sooner or later. Kind of like power sliding doors & lift gates on today's minivans ... are these problematic features REALLY neccessary ??

haha, i happen to like these features...its 2009...people like seeing technology at work.

and so with a dead battery, you cannot close the door?
this would be annoying.
but, its hard to run batteries down now, with run down protection and stuff
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In a perfect world, YES these features are nice.

But I don't look forward to "indexing windows" possibly having a problem in the winter !!

Have not had power doors on any of the minivans we've had, but EVERYONE that I know that DOES have them has had their vans in the dealer at one time or another to fix this wonderfull feature !!
If your handicap or there is some other reason you can't open & close van doors, then I see a need for these features ... however the majority of people are perfectly capable of opening & closing van doors but these features are now STANDARD on all trim levels but the very base model because everyone thinks they gotta have it.

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my last dodge challenger srt8 had that window option

Originally Posted by jrhaus76 View Post
Wow great questions... I have no idea. The C6 never gets frost bite... I know what you mean though, here in Ohio that happens frequently in the winter. My guesses:

1) Will the door still open up? - PROBABLY

2) Will the window motor burn out trying to go down? - NOT LIKELY I BET IT WOULD TRY THEN STOP RUNNING. More likely it would rip weatherstrip if its really frozen.

3) Will the door then close? (apparently not) - PROBABLY NOT

my last challenger had the window frozen last november 2008

,here in great white north(montreal) at -15 in november,the ice jammed the

window,they did not dropped of ¼ inches,and went you close the door,the

glass made contact with a small metal bracket fix on the ridge of the

roof(curved piece helping sealed)

the window does not seal until the glass unfreezed

Not the case on the corvette. Doors closed, windows up, hold up 3 seconds, release, hold up 3 seconds, release... done. Not sure how the Camaro will be unless you are sure this is the way...
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Originally Posted by MontyCarlo View Post
Ugh, I know about those days. Sometimes in winter I'll pull up to a drivethrough, only to realize my window's frozen shut and I have to open the whole door just to tell them my order. Yet another reason for me to keep the Grand Am and never subject the Camaro to harsh weather.
That sounds like my plan exactly ... only mines an '05.
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
Originally Posted by FbodFather
My sister's dentist's brother's cousin's housekeeper's dog-breeder's nephew sells coffee filters to the company that provides coffee to General Motors......
........and HE WOULD KNOW!!!!

Camaro Fest sub-forum
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Mr. Chevrolet
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Welcome Camaroqueen!

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Shifty 6
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A guy I work with has the v6 Challenger. He said this winter he had trouble with the windows indexing. He used a can of ice melt to spray the window seals. A few minutes later it was no problem. Still annoying though. Glad I'm keeping the VW.
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