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Originally Posted by edog View Post
There has been a discussion on this earlier. The spray jets are below the hood bulge attached to the hood, hidden from view, and the wipers lay at the bottom of the glass.

Here you go:
Thanks! i searched but, i suck at finding stuff on here by searching

Originally Posted by Camaro509 View Post
You didn't get the painted antennae option?!?!?!?!

It comes standard with the black exterior. Might want to consider changing your order real soon.
when i talked to my dealer i couldnt even find the flat black option!!
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Originally Posted by Never2LowChevy View Post
Oh, you didnt get the e-mail???? If you pre-ordered your not getting your car. The money you put down was bail out money and it was just a survey to see if anybody would order one. And paint is expensive! The only reason the price of the Camaro is so low is cause they saved all that money by NOT painting the 4"x5" antenna! Well, that and they switched to GEICO...

LOL...... They couldn't afford to paint the 4x5 antenna after sending you a 50cent post card for pre-ordering. The post card should have just said:

"Thanks for loaning us $1,000 for 9 months so we could build Avis some cars!"



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