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WOW! Freakin awesome, thar car's so fast it rips the bodywork off!- my kid.
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Well you said in your sig you wanted drama evotion. =P

As for this whole debate, I must agree with the mods. Tons of sensiless whining about things other than the issue at hand. I don't know how many peoople are going to go over 155 (I might depending on the track I go to and if it's modded), but I don't see this being a problem now since there's still only one occurance. When other's start posting that something like this has happened, then I'll start worrying about quality issues, but for now, this doesn't concern me very much.

The OP is right, it's a potential problem, but for now, it's just considered a fluke/one-off to me.
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Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
I did not want to sound like a kool aid drinking fanboy so I stopped at dealer and played with the facia. You can grab it right over the bowtie and lift the car up to the point of flexing the shocks with absolutly no give or flex. As you move along the lip there is no flex or movement. That would dispell the BS that this is high speed caused because I applied way more lift than wind lift on a surface would have caused. So then I applied downward pressure and it was actually much stronger and more solid feeling in that direction. Makes sense since air pressure would actually be pushing the front end down. When looking at the dynamics of the facia and the damage shown in the picture I would suggest that this was caused by severe collision with something down low. Perhaps smashing the nose into a curb or on the far up side of a dip. This would transmit torque up to where the damage is shown and cause a pulling action at that point. The front is pretty low and I would think that caution should be taken going thru dips or parking to avoid damage. Not unusual for a car like this. The Vette has about the same front clearance and many Vette owners report the caution they use to approach curbs and dips. To keep lift from under a car at top speeds the front must be low. I would suggest along with Milk....Read the entire thread.....check a car out yourself....and dont panic over an issue that was reported second hand. 9Ball saw the damage but he was not there when it occured....He jumped to conclusions as to its cause and there is absolutly no high speed air pressure evidence that caused the cracks......Use some common sense please.
Your jumping into some conclusions yourself. He just reported what someone who personally works on the car told him.
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I just showed these pics to a paint and body owner, and he said " man thats f'd up"
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Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
WOW! Freakin awesome, thar car's so fast it rips the bodywork off!- my kid.
Awesome. That's the way we should look at it!
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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
she really underestimates the damage i would do to her reproductive organs is the place for all the naughty stuff you can't get away with on this forum...
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Originally Posted by Miles Finch View Post
I asked my local dealer about this and he told me that there is a TSB from Chevy that has already fixed this issue. I will guess that Hennessey had one of the first cars and it got out before the TSB was issued.
Can someone verify that a TSB is out on this already? I used to be able to get them online. It no worky no more.
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Originally Posted by theholycow View Post
Awesome. That's the way we should look at it!
thats some funny sheet...
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Originally Posted by THE EVIL TW1N View Post
Your jumping into some conclusions yourself. He just reported what someone who personally works on the car told him.
Yes, and my brother-in-law's best friend's barber has a friend who is highly placed in the government and he said that World War III was being started tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Now doesn't that sound ridiculous?? Unless you are the person that is doing the act in question or witnessing the act in progress, then you know absolutely nothing for sure. So far this whole thread has been a massive case of "he said, she said", absolutely no one that knows for certain how the damage happened has posted in this thread. We have seen some pics of damage but we don't know what happened.

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Well, make sure you get insurance when renting!

I am not worried, GM will look at and resolve the issue. Besides, look at the underneath area of the fascia, it looks as if it might have been hit. There is not enough view of the entire bumper to see if it was tagged.

The Corvette has been in production for years. Each time a new model comes out it has it's own issues. The Camaro will follow suit.

GM, here is a big one for you. Just tell us soon what the plan will be.
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Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
WOW! Freakin awesome, thar car's so fast it rips the bodywork off!- my kid.
New sig.
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Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
WOW! Freakin awesome, thar car's so fast it rips the bodywork off!- my kid.
Originally Posted by GothamCamaro View Post
There just is not any other car in the market and my price range that I want other than the Camaro. I'm happily stuck with my choice.

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Originally Posted by Nine Ball View Post
Are you an expert on stress cracks that occur on new Camaro noses? I'm not. Okay, lets assume it DID hit something. Did it hit a helium filled balloon or a sitting elephant? How much force did it take to create the damage shown? 5 lbs or 500 lbs? Wouldn't you want to know if it were delicate? I would. Then I might have to be more careful when washing the car.

Some of you guys are quick to discount the issue, but the fact is that SOME sort of issue exists here. You can't sweep cracks like this under the rug, the cracks are there. Now, we just need to figure out what caused them, and how to fix it. Not just ignore it. Ignoring this would be highly dumb.
I'm not trying to start any thing here, just saying it looks like it hit some thing to me and no I'm not an expert. The biggest problem here is this is one isolated case with one car and every one is acting like all 2010 Camaro's are crap. If more cars start showing up with the same issue then yes we have a huge problem and not a good thing for GM in the state they are in.
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Originally Posted by Silver Streak View Post

Find me a any model that did not have issues the 1st year, there always is!
Um, my 2005 Mustang GT was a 1st year model which now is 4 years old with 40K miles. This car has never been back to the dealer once. Not one single issue or even minor problem.

So there you go, I found the first year model for you that did not have any issues.
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I bet they could solve the high pressure air cracking the nose of the new camaro by putting a narrow vent at the top of the nose that would allow the air pressure to equalize.
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but it's slow
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