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69 Camaro 09
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Im also really considering this and i live in southern California too! if i do get the opportunity to do this, how should i ensure myself from not getting "Hennessey-ied" (my car coming back allllll messed up and in 6months?)
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Gary B
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How? Vortech is NOT Hennessey. I have complete trust in them. Do some research to find out for yourself.
Time for a new ride soon....6th Gen or 5th Gen Z28? Hmmm....
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Thanks for the welcome guys...and all the interest!

cyberbro, you'd have to ship or drive the car out to us. It wouldn't be the first time. I had a guy ship me his 2008 C6 Z06 from North Carolina.

Hylton, if you've taken delivery of yours give me a call.

69 Camaro 09, search around LX forums and Mustang forums (I know...I know...this a Camaro forum, sorry I had to use the L and M word). You'll find lots of happy R&D customers.

Thanks for all the kind words Gary B! Feel free to give me a call.

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Originally Posted by Klimaxx805 View Post

That's why I didn't say this deal will cost you nothing out of pocket. I said the kit is FREE and the install is FREE. If your Camaro is your only car then you will have to spend some money to rent a car. If you're fortunate enough to have a spare car...lets say a 2004 Accord V6, then it would cost you almost nothing.
Lets say the kit retails for $6,400 (price is TBD), the install is going to cost you at least another $1,000.00. The savings is worth paying for a rental car to most people. Plus, it is not guaranteed that we will need the car for 4 months. That's worst case scenario. Even with a free kit and free install we know this deal isn't for everyone.

Whoa there buddy, I was on your side, saying it was a good deal. I just understand sales and people throwing around the word 'free' left and right and the effect it has on the psyche. Just wanted to point out to the people that may not think about it, that there would be hidden costs to getting this done and it wouldn't be free. And I think I'd rather have the $9000 trade in from my accord then a $5000 discount on a supercharger. But that's just me
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Originally Posted by Klimaxx805 View Post
Hello everyone,

My name is Frank and I work for Vortech Engineering. I don't know why so many of you think that we're going to "beat on" or "thrash" on your Camaro. I assure you that's not the case with any of the cars we use for R&D. We've been around since 1990 and have an outstanding reputation in the industry. Your car will be in good hands. We believe the proper way to tune a car is to do it through the entire power band. The car will see redline. We have developed a tune for the Pontiac G8 GT and we believe the Camaro V8 computers are pretty much the same. Like all our tunes it’s very safe. The only person authorized to drive the car is the Engineer that is working on it. Joy rides are strictly prohibited.

Unfortunately we do not have an emissions legal kit for a 2010 Camaro yet. We will be working on getting approval as soon as possible. It is a process that takes some time so please be patient. For those of you worried about your factory warranty we do offer an optional 3 year/36,000 mile powertrain warranty.

So after reading through this thread we’ve decided to sweeten the deal. The first two (2) 2010 Camaro V8s to show up at our door will get a FREE system and FREE install. You will be responsible for getting the car to and from us. We will not be providing a rental car while your car is here.

Who wants to be the first two lucky 500+HP 2010 Camaro owners??

Give me a call for more info 805-247-0226 EXT. 225.

I like the explanation, and they certainly have a good reputation, and the deal sounds pretty good. But the first problem of the day is just getting our cars anyway. So much for being able to jump on a possible opportunity.
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ordered 01/19/07
3000 - 2/27/09
3400 - 3/27/09
3800 - 4/17/09 (built and lost in the vortex)
ship date ??????? (I gave up and got a GT500)
5/11/09 - order cancelled
5/27/09 - vehicle arrived at dealership for whoever bought it after me
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