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Originally Posted by iHasCamaro View Post
You need a Mitsubishi to run that kind of power reliably. In England they sell a stock-internal Evo X w/ 400 hp and a warranty. Just some bolt-ons and a tune.

yeah, but those are imperial horses...
Yeah, I'll get around to it...
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Originally Posted by Coyotekiller View Post
I hope you are joking... Unless the 4G63 has been drastically change since 5 years ago...
Evo's haven't run 4g63's since yeah they have.

Nobody has heard of the Evo X FQ400? It's a real car that really makes over 400 bhp.
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guy's trapping a good speed on that car.

For the most part though.. your mods in your sig are bolt on light-duty mods only.. and time wise. you're still beating him on the clock.

You do some internals work you could smoke him and still be n/a. According to TSP some of their VVT series cams can pick up 100whp and thats on an L99.. LS3 can probably do better for you.

The mazdaspeed3 isn't anything to laugh at though, direct injection 2.x liter motor, its only problem is that it's fwd and rides like a 2 horse buggy.
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Originally Posted by platinum ss View Post
well i give it two months before he blows it up lol, he is running 24lbs of boost on the stock block with a monster turbo
There's a guy here in town with a very similar build that is just hounding me to race...

About a month ago we spoke he's been through 3 clutches and one tranny.

I talked to him about a week ago and he had blown the motor....


He did say it was a matter of time... he's rebuilding now and gonna run closer to 15 lbs of boost. he thinks that will be pretty durable.
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