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Originally Posted by Dr. Love View Post
That's exactly what is happening. When I hit about 95, the car shifts again and I lose the momentum.
Like Scrming was saying, get the tranny tune. It will allow you to raise the shift points and shift firmness. If you get the ECM tune you can have them raise your rev limiter to about 6500-6600 (I think that's still safe on the pre-coyote). That should help quite a bit.
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Gretchen is correct. A friend of mine has a 2009 Mustang GT with an auto and a good tune. It's amazing how good that car drives after that tune. It was a night and day difference from when it was stock.
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Had an experience with an 05-09 mustang GT the other night. Not sure of the exact year but i was pleasantly surprised. I was driving home the other night and the aforementioned mustang pulled in front of me onto our PRIVATE road, which happens to be two lanes..mustang sounded great btw..well i just happened to pull up beside him and i noticed he was flicking his headlights beside me so we slowed to about 40mph and i gave him a honk and he honked back...Mind you i have a 2010 camaro LS, only mods i have are CAI and Exhaust..he gave another honk and I did also and we took off...Up until the point where he backed off he was only about maybe 1/2 a car length ahead of me, probably even alittle less. I thought for sure he would have been 2-3 car lengths ahead of me. Only thing i could think of was maybe he wasn't that great of a driver, or the mustangs are not as quick as i remember them being?
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Dr. Love
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I ran my Mustang again this weekend. I was pulling solid 9.0s in an 1/8th. Still stock...
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